Item #: SCP-1834

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-1834’s distance from Earth, no containment procedures are required at present. Personnel landing on SCP-1834’s surface are to be equipped with Theta-4 suits and equipment, as well as oxygen reserves. SCP-1834 is to be on constant surveillance from Astronomy Outpost- 9A.

After the events of Expedition 1834A, no further landings are to be made on SCP-1834.

Description: SCP-1834 is an extra-solar planet located in the [REDACTED] Galaxy, and is approximately ██ Light-years away from Earth. SCP-1834’s atmosphere is extremely damaged due to radiation (see Researcher’s Note 1834B) and is inhabitable at present. Due to its damaged atmosphere, its current surface temperature is at a constant 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

SCP-1834’s geological structure and landforms are identical to our own, as well as size and structure of the planet, hence the name “Earth 2”. Due to fallout from radiation, currently no true life exists on SCP-1834. SCP-1834’s continents have structures built on them, consistent with human design. In some cases, nearly all of SCP-1834’s cities are identical to our own. However, in most cases these cities’ maintain structural damage on nearly all buildings, most likely due to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Following the landings of Expedition 1834A, the discovery of ██ activated nuclear warheads is blamed for the amount of heavy radiation levels and atmospheric disturbance. Attempts of mechanical removal through bots have proven ineffective due to SCP-1834-1.

SCP-1834-1 are anomalies residing on SCP-1834. SCP-1834-1 are instances of shadows in the shape and form of human beings. The knowledge is not known as to how these shadows emit from no physical form. SCP-1834-1 can interact with matter, and have physically interacted with Foundation personnel. Most of these actions appear friendly; however, SCP-1834-1 can be hostile, and are the cause of death for the personnel of Expedition 1834A. In some cases, SCP-1834-1 can be personnel’s own silhouette, and will suddenly turn and begin to kill their physical host.

For further reading, refer to documents-Researcher’s Note 1834B and Transcript of attack during Expedition 1834A.

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