scp-2000 alpha

Salutations citizens of planet Earth. My name is [DATA-RETRACTED], and I have travelled from [DATA-EXPUNGED] to your solar-system concerning one prerogative given unto me; shared unity and coexisting peace. Yes, shared unity and coexisting peace with our two species, for we have heard your messages concerning to find life on other planets. Let me assure you, sentient, conscious-aware, people do exist out in space, through the cosmos and on other planets. It is our greatest hope to build a foundation of shared ideas; cooperation of great endeavours, peace and prosperity with our two species. So can you please lend out a hand so we can build a great foundation of peace and unity that will surely span the cosmos and provide both of us untold wonders and joys. My people can bring you [DATA-RETRACTED]. To simple conclude my point, from one sentient citizen to another, it would be a shame to not build on this foundation. Together we can secure our futures, let nothing contain us from reaching new levels of peace and life, and forever protect each other in times of hardship.

Upon a cursory examination and information provided by SCP-2000-Bata proves that the numerous amounts of broken anagrams of SCP and multiple mentions of foundation was intentional. It confirms that SCP-2000-B was in fact using this mission of planetary communication as a decoy to get the attention of the Foundation.

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