SCP-001 Proposal: The cracks in the veil

ITEM ID# 001

Special Containment Procedures: Immediate action is to be taken to prevent
high level physical research in the fields of quantum electrodynamics and large scale
meta-analysis. Foundation scientists review physics papers and administrate class A
amnesiacs to anyone approaching a breakthroughs relating to the directed oscillation of
space time

SCP-001 is a set of errors present in the physical universe. The first to be noted was
granularity in the total systemic energy of a multi-body experiment involving
heat transfer and gravity waves. The data was gathered using extremely accurate sensors, with
uncertainty of +/- 1*10^-52 kelvin. Intense analysis of the resulting data shows spontaneous
removal of exactly 0.00003 joules of energy from the system. Since the results of this study,
various other physical experiments have shown a similar 'stepping' in the values of physical
variables such as mass, velocity and temperature.

For obvious reasons, if the effect includes the passage of time, it is not detectable

After an analysis of scientific data being collected at the time, the effect can be be shown to have begun at 00:00:00; 1/1/2000

The constant granularity caused by the effect suggests that the physical universe is currently operating within a low-accuracy simulation.
With this in mind, containment procedures have been set in place that prevent large scale interference that would be obvious to observers
viewing the simulation without focusing on any particular area.


Analysis of data gathered from SCP objects prior to the year 2000 show the same granuality caused by the effect, unlike data regarding other phenomena. This suggest the data was rectroactivly generated once the event occured, and leads to the suggestion that
the SCP objects only began to exist when the simulation was activated or modified.
We may have been too late in hiding ourselves, or the simulation may have been designed for us to begin with

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