SCP-2341: The Arachnid

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2341 is to be contained in a biodome with a size of 10x20x5 with holes that is 3x higher than the roof, and 2x meters wide. This is for SCP-2341 instances to "root" into. It should also be filled with plant life everywhere. Any meat foods are to be dropped in as a live creature, via lift. If SCP-2341 breaches, as long as hostility or hostile gear is not shown/on hand, there will be no problem for any endangered personnel.

SCP-2341 is what some researchers call "A Arachnid." This gave SCP-2341 it's name. It seems to have black and green spots, like tortoise. SCP-2341 is like any carnivorous creature, eating any animal on sight. SCP-2341 does not attack humans unless they show hostility around the creature and/or have gear usable for hostility. SCP-2341 instances uses it's claws to remove any flesh on the subject. SCP-2341 was found around Site-[REDACTED] hunting some native animals in the area. SCP-2341instances can procure a string that SCP-2341 instances can pull their prey to, or the instance to the subject, or maybe just moving around. SCP-2341 claws off flesh of any subjects that cause it's angering, which is done by the following:

-Hostile gear brought near SCP-2341 instances
-Hostility shown near SCP-2341
-Harm to SCP-2341
-Harming to others nearby all instances.

SCP-2341 instances are easy to contain, but is Euclid due to if it breaches, SCP-2341 instances can easily escape the site. Also, we do not know how many of it's kind is out there, just waiting for any other instances to be angered.

Incident 2249-1:

0800: Class D Personnel is introduced to a SCP-2341 instance.

0801: D-1963 is attacked by the instance, apparently yelling long phrases of anger at the guards.1

0802: Blood is detected everywhere near where D-1963 stood, and near SCP-2341.

0810: SCP-2341 chamber doors are opened in between testing for any other dangers before actual studying, and SCP-2341 jumps out at the guard upon seeing his P90.

0812: Containment Breach alarm sounds.

0830: SCP-2341 contained, found to be if standing still without any hostility/harmful gear, personnel doing this would not get harmed by it.

0832: Report sent, disciplinary action scheduled for the L-0 who wanted to "see inside the chamber and the test". Found to had snuck in while there was a bit of noise returning SCP-2341 to it's chamber after D-1963's expiring.


Addendum 5391-1: SCP-2341 instances have been shown to actually be harmful for no reason. Personnel files were pulled up for the ones that were attacked, and were all found to have a military record or any other violent service record. SCP-2341 has been determined to attack anyone with a hostile history.

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