DESCRIPTION: Item unknown as all records detailing object were destroyed by a quantum singularity. Site [DATA EXPUNGED] was testing some new equipment when an explosion erupted from lab [DATA EXPUNGED], causing destabilization of time and space, a rift the size of a quarter appeared at the focal point of the blast. That was at 3 P.M. The rift is now approx 3km in diameter. Unlike other such phenomena the gravity of this rift is limited to it's perimeter. Thankfully there is no apparent enlarging of the rift. An investigation is currently under way to ascertain how an explosion caused this particular phenomena at site [DATA EXPUNGED]. Surveillance of the rift is to be done by D-class subjects under level 4 personnel supervision. At no time is the rift to be used as a garbage disposal. Any personnel caught using rift as garbage disposal shall be subjected to disciplinary review and face possible demotion/dismissal.

Doctor X: The loss of this site was quite detrimental to our experiments. Many personnel and specimens were lost in the explosion, which resulted in the quantum singularity. However the monumental potential gain of this singularity far out weighs the cost. A chance to examine and probe a phenomena like a quantum singularity does not come often. I will ascertain the true cause of this particular phenomena, how it came in to being ect. I am exceedingly lucky I was not at that site as I would undoubtedly have been swallowed by the rift as well. I cannot wait to begin the experiments.

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