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Item #: SCP-565
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-565 is to be kept in a 4x4 room in Site-██ with a bed, medical cabinet with epinephrine shots, security camera and television. If SCP-565 has partially changed and cannot open the cabinet to get to the epinephrine shots, a medical team will be sent to dispatched to administer epinephrine. They will also carry M468 rifles with lethal shots if SCP-565 has changed into a dangerous shape. The door will be locked at all times to prevent escape, but will be opened for serving food.
Description: SCP-565 is a 106 centimeter 16 year old human male. It has brown hair, blue eyes and is fairly plain. SCP-565's name is Simon Namond, and born in 1995 at █████, Dublin, Ireland. SCP-565 refuses to mention it's parents or any sort of relative, and searching for SCP-565 name in the records does not yield any information. This may have been caused by an external party, possibly the one mentioned in the note. It has asked several times throughout it's stay if it is allowed to leave. This was denied.
Every week SCP-565 transforms into a seemingly random entity from another dimension. Before this, SCP-565 usually complains of feelings of vertigo, prickly skin, fear and vomiting. This transformation has been described as painful. During these transformations, it's heart beat slows down to impossible levels, going at 10 beats per minute on occasion. It is not known how SCP-565 can survive this. Epinephrine seems to stop these transformations, preventing SCP-565 to permanently transform. SCP-565 has never transformed into any captive SCPs from another dimension so far, but it is possible.
SCP-565 claims it woke up one day when SCP-565 was 13 in an alleyway with 200 euros, a case full of epinephrine shots and a note, which is in the addendum. SCP-565 has no memory of being in any experiment, suggesting amnesiacs used on it. SCP-565 wandered for three years before being reported to the Foundation by Agent █████ when it was partially transformed into [REDACTED]. SCP-565 was administered epinephrine and sent to SCP-565's current containment area.
Addendum: Document 595-1, recovered in possession of SCP-595 during initial recovery.
Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for participating in this extra-dimensional test. We regret to inform you that you have contacted a slight side effect. It appears you have a connection to the dimensions beyond us. This can involve [REMOVED] and permanent transformation into an dimensional being. Most of these can be solved using adrenaline, which we have provided. If you are of the transformed type, we recommend taking adrenaline to alleviate the transformative episode.
Thank you for your patience,
Jalk Labs.
Interviewed: SCP-565

Interviewer: Dr █████

Foreword: The interview was conducted two weeks after SCP-565 gained SCP status and had been transported onto the site. This interview in mainly focused on his origins.
Begin Log, 2010, May 7th.

Dr █████: Good Afternoon. What is your name?

SCP-565: Simon Namond.

Dr █████: Where were you born?

SCP-565: Listen, can we just get to the point?

Dr █████: Right. When did these transformations start?

SCP-565: Well, it was three years ago. I was 13, living a normal life. I wake up in an alleyway nowhere near my house, with this medical box filled with adrenaline shots, two hundred quid and a note that told me I needed to take these when I transformed or some shit. It said I was in some experiment, but I never was in an experiment. It was like in that film, they must have brainwashed me or something.

Dr █████: So, did you find your parents?

SCP-565: <It ignores the question.> I didn't believe it. I thought it was prank. I thought that until it was Wednesday.

Dr █████: What happened on Wednesday?

SCP-565: It was two days after I woke up from whatever the hell they did to me. I was sleeping in a bus shelter at night, looking for my way back home. I felt like complete [CENSORED], I was scared and I felt like I was on top of a tall building looking down, just about to fall down. I had previously vomited on the pavement. My heart suddenly stopped. Then, I was hit by a wall of pain.

Dr █████: Describe the pain.

SCP-565: It was burning hot. My lungs felt like they were melting. I felt my body contorting painfully. I was being twisted in half. My legs were the first to change. They become steadily more muscle bound and lean. It hit me. It wasn't just a prank. I was actually changing. I tried to scream, but the transformation had already reached my lungs, and I let out a roar. I managed to grab the case, open it and inject the shot into me. The transformation reformed and then I passed out from shock. I then wandered around, my supply dwindling until one of your guys picked me up.

Dr █████: Thank you for your time, Simon.

SCP-565: Hey, uh, how long am I going to be here? Cos, I don't want to spend my whole life here.

Dr █████: You aren't going to be let out. <Closes the door.>

End Log, 2010, May 7th.

Closing Statement: SCP-565 has been in the facility for 10 months.

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