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To facilitate keeping an unified knowledge base of SCP-566 contents, all entries considered anomalous (as per Table 1 in SCP-566) are to be logged with the following format to facilitate computer processing:

SCP-566 Instance Number
Calendar Date:
Word or Idiom:

Researcher Eisenberg

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 13/1/2009
Word or Idiom: hellenious (adj)
Definition: Portmanteau of "hellenic" and "odious". In a remarkably bad economic situation, coined by Nikos ███████, after Greek economic collapse caused by the 20██ olive plague.

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 15/1/2009
Word or Idiom: scabbard, Able's (n)
Definition: An arse. After Able, a [REDACTED] said to have been bound by the ███████, who could materialize swords out of nowhere.

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 11/2/2009
Word or Idiom: to boscovise (v)
Definition: To split oneself into multiple bodies of shared mind, most commonly done by [REDACTED] and forcing the ██████ into the newly grown mouth, upon which the body splits seamlessly. Popularized by Don Giovanni Bosco, an 19th century italian catholic priest. In a broader sense "boscovist" is used to describe a nosy, overbearing person, as in the children's rhyme "Boscovist,boscovist, where you look, there he is."

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 19/2/2009
Word or Idiom: smooch, oldmans' (n)
Definition: Gangrene. After [DATA EXPUNGED], whose secretions have a corrosive effect on human tissues.

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 21/2/2009
Word or Idiom: earblind (adj)
Definition: Unable to navigate using sound.

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 26/2/2009
Word or Idiom: airline, promethean (n)
Definition: An explosion. Next thing John knew, he was riding the promethean airline; he was thrown away by an explosion. promethean airline ticket - explosive device. After Prometheus Labs, an organisation notorious for poor workplace safety.

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