SCP-750 Test

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-750 is currently held in isolation at Area ██ within a 20 by 20 meter room made of titanium. Within this room, a 4x4 meter glass chamber is placed. Oxygen and food is introduced through a small water canal, which has proven impossible for SCP 750 to penetrate. No fewer than two Level 3 guards are to be posted at the entrance to SCP-750's cell at any time and Class D Personnel which come in contact with SCP-750 while performing duties are to be terminated immediately (See Addendum 01). Level 3 security personnel are to be stationed at a two to one ratio against Class D personnel during any possibility of direct contact between staff and SPC-750.

Description: SCP-750's is based in a malleable gelatinous substance which is coated in glossy black, and semi translucent in nature. Located in Africa, the species appeared near the city of ██████ following an earthquake. SCP-750 has proven incapable of submersion, due to its structure and instead spreads over the surface much like oil. SCP-750 is intelligent, showing fast adaptivity as well as the ability for strategical thinking (See Logs 110, 213 and 412). It feeds by engulfing an organic target and digesting it with a fast acting chemical compound, and senses prey through air vibrations generated by motion.

Addendum: 01 SCP-750
SCP-750 has been shown to host reproductive abilities upon contact with any member of the human species. Class D personnel who came into contact with SCP-750 were unharmed, but reported a black oily substance on their skin. Samples provided proved to be newly developing members of SCP-750’s genus or an extension of the creature itself.

Log 110 (Disestablishment Case 1)

Personal Log of: Dr. ██████
Date: ██-██-█████

Observations of subjects of Orphanage ████████████ located in Southern Africa have proven disturbing. If not for the exact details being so similar, I would have written these stories off as the product of imagination. Each child who reported their parents death at the hands of a monster explained in detail the same events.

Each starts with nightfall, and a strange noise awakening only the children in the household. Once they are awake, they discover that the only remaining light source is near their parents (Or parent as many children reported). At this point, all of the children stated they moved into the light as they cried out for their guardians. It is this instinctual response that whatever this creature is wants. When the parent comes running into a visible spot within the light, a black substance spreads over any adults present, apparently invisible to the naked eye in darkness. This substance, described to look like tar at first, completely absorbs the victims and then turns to a translucent gray. This coloration allows the children to witness what I can only believe to be a sadistic display of torture, for what they have described can only be a purposeful action and cannot be from the mind of a child.
First, the victim's hands and feet show signs of chemical burns, skin turning red and boils appearing over the skin. This spreads to the arms and legs, but never further into the body. The hands then begin to burn away, leaving traces of muscle clinging to bones. Apparently the Screams can still be heard from within the creature. This cruel act continues until the victim passes out, at which point the body is quickly dissolved. Some children ran after the first images, others stood helpless watching, yet both sets survive. The creature seems to leave the children behind, for a purpose I cannot fathom.

Notes: After some research, I have found evidence of this creature elsewhere. I have attached the documents to my report along with a hypothesis based on this hostile force.

Log 213 (Disestablishment Case 2)

Personal Log of: ████████
Date: ██-██-█████

Reports of unusual activity following the earthquake in ████████████ have proven true. I am forced to conclude this is a hostile force working against relief efforts here in ████████████ as only emergency and relief workers have been targeted. As far as I can tell, a black gelatinous creature has killed dozens of Red Cross Volunteers, as well as over a hundred ████████████ emergency workers. People here are scared to even clear the rubble now, and the chances of survivors has dropped significantly. What few workers remain have reported sightings as well, stating they moved away as quickly as they could if they caught movement in their peripheral vision. I have ordered three teams to comb the area, looking for whatever this bloody thing is.

Notes: Amnesiac was administered to all witness as per protocol. The search turned up negative to the entity, though a small sample of a black substance was located. The Science teams tell me it resembles a jelly fish in several ways. I recommend further investigations perhaps into Extraterrestrial origins.

Log 412 (Disestablishment Case 3)

Personal Log of: ████ ████████
Date: ██-██-█████

I cannot express the severity of the situation here and once again recommend more security for these people. What the hell is wrong with you people, something is preying on the charity workers here and I know it isn't anti-religious groups, as another charity was hit earlier today. These soup kitchens are the only thing stopping these people from rioting against the █████████ government and they aren't getting volunteers anymore. If we aren't careful, a full scale civil war is just an accident away.

Notes: ████ ████████ is MIA after reporting an intruder at the base camp. No information to her whereabouts is available.

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