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Item #: SCP-797

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-797 is to be kept in a vacuum-sealed bank-style vault contained within a three-meter thick vacuum-sealed Plexiglass dome, located as far as possible from any human settlement.

Note- I cannot stress the last part enough. We need to have ample response time in the event of SCP-797 somehow being released. -Dr.Johnson

Description: SCP-797 is a metal ball with a radius of roughly six inches. It was found buried in a layer of rock strata which contained sedimentary rock approximately 65 million years old. The rock surrounding SCP-797 was metamorphosed by extreme heat and pressure, possibly indicating that it collided with the planet at extreme speeds. When exposed to oxygen, SCP-797 begins rotating at increasing speeds. Once it has rotated for roughly thirty seconds, a faint crackling noise can be heard, which increases in volume until SCP-797 begins emitting static charges. Once it begins emitting charges, stone, dirt, and other particulate within one meter of the current field of effect is drawn into the field, causing an effect almost indistinguishable from a volcanic ash cloud, except with, for lack of a better term, with more lightning. Once the effect field reaches approximately 1km, the center of the "storm" will begin to rotate around SCP-797, reaching speeds that we have yet to be able to record, due to the nature of the surrounding storm, but that are certainly far faster than the rest of the storm. At this point, the particulate will begin to catch fire or melt, if the friction and static discharges cause enough heat, and there is no way to slow down or stop SCP-797 once this point in reached. The "storm" will begin moving once this state is reached, often in a southerly direction. It will dissipate following the same behavior as more mundane storms, and will often stop quickly once it hits an ocean or sea. All the dangers and consequences of a normal volcanic ash storm will occur in the event of SCP-797 breaching containment, as well as loss of any material that gets too close to the center of the storm. This usually means mountaintops, tall buildings, and aircraft.

Note- After the last containment breach, SCP-797 was noted to have been flying closer to the ground, and when recovered, had expanded in both size and weight. Possibly caused by material absorption? -Dr.██████


Notice- There are to be NO EXPERIMENTS with SCP-797. Containment breach is too likely, and even having the thing out in the air is a hazard to all personnel! -Dr.Johnson.

Incident report 797-b

SCP involved: SCP-797

Personnel involved: Dr.██████ , Staff of the SCP-797 containment base.

Date:██ / ██ / ██

Location: SCP-797 containment base, ███████ Iceland

On ████, Dr.████ began unauthorized experiments on SCP-797, which shortly broke containment and severely inured Dr.████ in the process of accumulating particulate.
The storm was unable to be contained, but was covered up as the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which was located within ███ miles of the base. No public suspicion thus far.

Note- Did I not say, NO EXPERIMENTS? All remaining security personnel are to be terminated. Base is being relocated to ████████████ . - Dr.Johnson

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