SCP-989 Designate Granite Siren
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SCP-989 in its initial state

Item #: SCP-989

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-989 is to be kept under observation at all times at Site-██. One D-class personnel is to be placed within the containment room, nude, once per week and is not to be allowed out until they have added their form to the statuary. Once per week a virginal D-class personnel is to be placed naked in the containment room and instructed to "do what feels natural." As SCP-989 does not seem to consider [REDACTED] a valid way to lose one's virginity there is to be a selection of four (4) D-class personnel to rotate 'feeding' duty once per month. When SCP-989 increases in diameter past seven (7) meters all statuary except the original sculpture is to be broken off and disposed of.

Description: SCP-989's original form is that of a stone sculpture of a nude woman (SCP-989-1) sitting on a rock. Subjects who make intimate contact with SCP-989-1 (making physical skin-to-stone contact with either the buttocks, breasts, or [REDACTED] of the statue constitutes 'intimate contact') report extreme arousal and a feeling of attraction, focused on SCP-989-1. If unrestrained, subjects will then disrobe and attempt to [DATA EXPUNGED] with SCP-989-1, during which it will move as if alive and submit to any actions taken by the subject. Upon conclusion of [REDACTED] the statue and subject will freeze in place for exactly 22 seconds, at which point the subject will extricate themselves from the statue and re-clothe. A granite statue of the subject, perfect in every detail and positioned in the pose the subject was in prior to the conclusion of [REDACTED], will appear when the subject has finished re-dressing themselves. The subject retains a memory of this event, but describes the statue as if it were a living human being rather than a piece of carved granite.

Once a statue has been added to SCP-989 it will exhibit all the traits of SCP-989-1. Activation of SCP-989 with multiple statues present will cause all statues to animate. SCP-989 exhibits no influence on personnel so long as it is utilized at least once per week. If SCP-989 remains unused for eight (8) or more consecutive days SCP-989-1 will animate and attempt to entice personnel to [REDACTED] with it. D-class personnel are to be utilized in this event, since if a subject [REDACTED] with SCP-989-1 after it initiates the process they will turn to stone rather than manifesting a statue.

SCP-989-1 has never been observed to break physical contact with the stone upon which it sits. Due to containment limitations, it is recommended that personnel use a sledgehammer or other handheld blunt object to remove statuary from SCP-989 at least once every six (6) months. SCP-989 displays no adverse reaction to such 'pruning,' and as SCP-989 itself has proven immune to all attempts to damage it there is no risk of damaging the statue itself. Pieces of statuary that have been removed from SCP-989 display no unusual properties.

It was discovered during Incident 989-17 that virginal subjects do not need to [DATA EXPUNGED] with SCP-989-1 in order for their statue to manifest. [REDACTED] appears to be sufficient, after which the normal 'petrification' occurs.

SCP-989-1 displays no influence outside that possessed by a highly-attractive human woman. Homosexual men and heterosexual women display no signs of arousal concerning SCP-989-1 (which will still animate in the presence of homosexual men), and while homosexual women display signs of arousal the statue does not animate in their presence.

Addendum 989-A: Personnel are encouraged to wear gloves, headgear, and other items of clothing designed to cover as much skin as possible while in the same room as SCP-989.

Addendum 989-B: Following Incident 989-7, no non-virginal personnel are to attempt to directly activate SCP-989-1 twice in a row. Dr. ██████████ tried this and is now a statue. Those who wish to join him are to advised to wait until a lapse in the feeding schedule. In a related note, Dr. █████ is now the supervising researcher for SCP-989. - O5-9

Addendum 989-C: Following Incident 989-14, subjects are required to wear at least one item of clothing if they intend to voluntarily commit coitus with SCP-989-1. See Researcher's Note 989-1-A for details. - O5-13

Addendum 989-D: I don't care how good she is, the next person I see using nine-eighty-nine as a full-sized [REDACTED] is going to be transferred to the Puddlejumpers and assigned rotation duty. -Dr. █████

Researcher's Note 989-1-A: I have come to the conclusion, after much testing, that the statue-manifestation process is triggered by two steps: The first step, sexual climax, causes SCP-989-1 to cease animation. The second step, donning of clothes, causes the stone copy of the subject to appear. What I have found is that the second step only occurs when all clothes that the subject was wearing prior to [REDACTED] have been replaced on the body. Unfortunately, this applies even when no clothes are worn, as was seen in Incident 989-14, where D-984200 entered the room nude in order to expedite the 'feeding' process and petrified at the moment of climax. I believe this was a result of the two triggers activating simultaneously, as D-984200 was not wearing clothes when he activated 989-1. We ought to be more cautious in the future. -Dr. █████

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