Item#: SCP-990

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There are currently no possible way of containing SCP-990 as he is never present outside of the dream state. If there is anyway of containing SCP-990, please contact Dr. [REDACTED] for details of how to capture him.

Description: SCP-990 is what appears to be a human male in a business suit and fedora. Age is not known as SCP-990 refuses to say where he's from or how he got here. SCP-990 came to the foundations attention when there have been reports of people going mentally insane stating that there's been a man in there dreams telling them the dates of when the worlds going to end or the dates of there deaths. The latest report is when Agent E kept saying a random assortment of number corresponding to a date that has not yet happened. Along with saying the numbers, he said "Death Date" indicating that SCP-990 may have a hold of the future and the past. Experimentation to see if SCP-990 can accurately tell the future is on going.

Addendum: Below is a description of a conversation Agent E and SCP-990 had before the suicide of Agent E.

Agent: H-hello?
SCP-990: Hello Agent E
Agent: Who are you
SCP-990: I am who I am. I'm no one else but a figment of reality.
Agent: What are you doing here?
SCP-990: I am here to tell you something important that you must need to know
Agent: And what would that be?
SCP-990: *At this moment SCP-990 tells him the collection of numbers and says its his death date*
Agent: *At this moment Agent E wakes up and sits on his bed thinking of the numbers that 990 ad given him*

Notes: At this time, experiments involving SCP-990 should be approved by personnel, level 3 or higher.

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