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Item #: SCP-9999

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9999 is to be locked in a 4x4 room on a pedestal in a glass case. It is not to be removed unless authorized by level three (3) personnel or higher in case of misuse.

Description: This golden necklace with a unknown black stone. When worn, it makes the wearer unable to be harmed, basically making them immune to everything and invincible.

Addendum 1: After attempted use, security has been raised from level two (2) to level three (3).

Addendum 2: The Chaos Insurgency attempted to steal SCP-9999, and therefor has been put in a more secure spot in site ██.

Interviewed: T█████ W████████

Interviewer: Doctor J████

Foreword: Interviewed the first person to wear/recover necklace.

<Begin Log, █/██/██>

Interviewer: Hello, sir.

Person: Hello doctor.
(Crashing Heard)
(Gunshots Heard)
<End Log, 2:37 PM>

Closing Statement: Interviewee uncooperative; terminated, SCP-9999 recovered.

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