As a convenience, I'm naming this 121 for now.

SCP-121: Menger's Cage

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-121 is to be contained inside a four (4) cubic meter reinforced steel cube, suspended at least one (1) meter away from any walls of the cube by electromagnets. The cube and surrounding room are to be completely devoid of any liquid or gas, and the outer room must have at least Gamma-3 Nuclear Suppression Agents mounted on the inner walls.

SCP-121 is an approximately three (3) cubic decimeter Menger sponge, made of a material designated SCP-121-01. The sponge has no visible anomalous properties to the naked eye, but tests with high-power optical and electron microscopes indicate that it has an apparently infinite inward fractal pattern. Any solid material that is pushed inside the smaller openings of SCP-121 is severed and drawn into the sponge, where it can no longer be observed or recovered. When a liquid or gas is exposed to the surface of the sponge, they are occasionally drawn inward and observably split by the edges into their base molecules, elements, and finally individual protons, neutrons, and electrons. Contact with the material is then lost as the splitting of atoms inside the sponge causes a nuclear detonation; SCP-121-01 is capable of surviving and suppressing these blasts, but the surrounding 50-100 meters are damaged by residual force and radiation (Incident 581-Gamma).

Incident 581-Gamma:
SCP-121 caused a containment breach in Site 15 on [REDACTED], resulting in the escape of two (2) Euclid level SCPs. The whereabouts of such SCPs are unknown at this time. SCP-121, during a period of exposed movement, absorbed a quantity of oxygen in the room and caused a Gamma-3 Nuclear Detonation. This detonation compromised the containment of both SCP-[REDACTED] and SCP-[REDACTED], who promptly escaped into the facility and into the surrounding [EXPUNGED] shortly afterwards. The detonation also caused fourteen (14) casualties and numerous injuries to Site staff.

Addendum A:
After incident 581-Gamma, testing of SCP-121 is to be performed in a complete vacuum. Any testing of liquids or gasses with SCP-121 are to be carried out by trained EOD personnel in a Gamma-6 Nuclear Suppression Zone.

Addendum B:
The Foundation has noted the dangerous potential of SCP-121, and denies the request of a Keter-Class designation. While the object does pose the threat of a WK-Class Planet Collapse Event, it is safe as long as it is contained properly.

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