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SCP-DDDD, viewed from one of the patrol boat

Item #: SCP-DDDD

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone is established over SCP-DDDD and water surrounding it. Any civilians that attempt to approach the quarantine area will be turned away under the pretext of nuclear waste storage site. Permanent staff has been placed on a ship anchored approximately 10 km from SCP-DDDD.

Description: SCP-DDDD is an uncharted island located at [DATA EXPUNGED]. Initial exploration found trace of a moderately large settlement was found approximately 30 m from SCP-DDDD east shore. Further archaeological excavation found various artefacts from Ancient Greece and Middle East, dated to around 400 BC by radiometric dating method.

At the approximate centre of the island is a 44 meters tall and three meters thick metallic wall encircling an area of approximately 4 km2 (designated as SCP-DDDD-1). Four lines of text were engraved onto a 4 m2 portion of the wall facing south. The fourth line is unfinished and appears to be a more recent addition to the text, evident from the modernized syntax used and difference in writing style. Several personnel have reported feeling of repulsion and sadness when looking at the text despite not being able to read it. Structural analysis has shown that the construction of SCP-DDDD-1 involves casting the metal into a monolithic structure.

An unexplained visual distortions prevented observation of SCP-DDDD-1 interior. This anomaly also affects video and image capture equipment regardless of operating spectrum or operating system. Unmanned exploration drones with sonar-equipment lowered into the enclosure revealed a forest populated mainly by broad-leaved trees. On-board sensors and audio implements registered occasional movements and constant incoherent murmur during each excursion, but sonar imaging failed to capture the cause. As of ██/██/████, sonar imaging has captured a [DATA EXPUNGED]. Request for a classification upgrade from ‘Safe’ to ‘Euclid’ is under consideration by O5.

Addendum-01: Translation of the text on SCP-DDDD-1:

By the King of Two Horns1 order
We have built this wall, where the enemy of earth shall sleep within
May it stand until the promised time
A brother met the Liar and another encountered the Beast. The…

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