SCP Heater
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SCP-XXXX upon acquirement.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to remain in a 4 x 4 fire-proof room with one fire-proof airlock door. The room is to be monitored by one standard surveillance camera in a fireproof case. Any researcher or other personal authorized to enter SCP-XXXXs chamber must wear simple heat-protective clothing at all times, along with a simple hygrometer attached to the body. SCP-XXXX is to be plugged into a standard wall outlet through a BS 1363 adapter at all times. If SCP-XXXX is unplugged for any reason, 1 D-Class member will be sent in to re-insert plug into outlet. If the plug has been damaged beyond use or is otherwise inaccessible, the site is to be put under order EVC-XXXX and a team of 4 specially trained maintenance crew members with are to be sent in to repair damage. If SCP-XXXX has reached Level 4 during an EVC-XXXX event, a specially built robotic drone must be sent in instead. SCP-XXXX must be plugged into a generator capable of generating up to ___ volts of power while being moved from containment chamber or while electrical outlets are replaced or cleaned.

During EVC-XXXX, all Site-██ personal (besides selected team assigned to SCP-XXXX) must follow standard fire evacuation protocol and the site must be locked down. If EVC-XXXX has not been completed within 2 hours of initial lock-down, the destruction of SCP-XXXX through remote detonation must be considered before an end of the world scenario.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a regular manila gas heater, powered by a standard BS 1363 (British Standard) plug. It is constructed of basic steel and is carried by 4 plastic wheels. SCP-XXXX appears to be identical to the ███████ brand oil heater, although it has a thin layer of paint not used on standard gas heaters along with samples of dirt and fragments of [DATA REDACTED] which can result in a fragrance described as “Sweaty” while active. No anomalous parts have been found in the various components of SCP-XXXX, as the basic assembly appears to be identical to the standard model. How SCP-XXXX produces its effect is unknown.

SCP-XXXX has one off/on switch and one knob to change the level of temperature. The temperature settings vary from 1 to 5. The device will not display any anomalous effects as long as the device is plugged into a wall and switched off. Once SCP-XXXXs on/off switch has been switched to “on”, the device will begin generating heat. The device takes 2 minutes to warm up, the same measured with standard oil heating units. SCP-XXXXs effects depend on which number the temperature knob is switched too;

Temp. Setting Effects
Level 1 Room warms up to temperature expected from level 6 on a standard unit. Subjects exposed for long periods of time complain of heat rash and thirst, but effects are negligible.
Level 2 Subject complains of dehydration and muscular weakness. Temperature has not changed, but level of moisture in immediate area decreases noticeably. Prolonged exposure can result in muscle atrophy and advanced dehydration.
Level 3 Local moisture dissipates to about 35% of original measurements. Temperature is still the same as level 1, but subject claims that it is much higher. At this point most subjects need to be restrained due to attempts to shut off SCP-XXXX. Subjects collapse after 10 minutes of exposure due to advanced dehydration and severe muscle atrophy. If left exposed for over 47 minutes, subjects of average build lose all water in their system and expire.
Level 4 Subject will begin to scream and writhe in agony, as if on fire. Most subjects make attempts to turn off the device, but due to pain most subjects do not reach the device. Local temperature still identical to Level 1, local moisture at 2%. Subjects expire of severe burns after 4 minutes. Postmortem examination concludes that subject was burnt and suffocated by flame, though none is visible during event. So far, no subjects have survived the event. Device must be turned off using machinery that does not require water based lubrication.
Level 5 [DATA REDACTED]. It should be noted that remains are impossible to identify as human or otherwise after event. Recovering DNA evidence is impossible. Temperature still identical to Temp 1, moisture levels at 11%. Device shuts off automatically after event.

SCP-XXXX also has a secondary effect. If at any time the device is unplugged, or is unable to receive sufficient XXXX volts, the device will begin an EVC-XXXX event, wherein SCP-XXXX will become unmovable, even with heavy machinery. All attempts to shut off the device during an EVC-XXXX event are futile and the device will only shut down once it is receiving power and is turned off manually. During the event, SCP-XXXX will adjust its level to 1. The device will heat up normally, but the range of effect will continue to expand away from the device and will pass through all solid materials at a speed of approximately 1.7m/s. The device will expand for 30 minutes, afterwards, Temperature level will increase to level 2 and will spread out at the same rate as Level 1. This will continue until level 4. The temperature level has not been observed to change to Level 5 during the event as 05 order has forbidden letting the level raise to 5 in order to prevent a possible XK-class end-of-the-world scenario.

SCP-XXXX has also been noted, in its normal state, to not effect past any heat-resistant material. Heat-resistant clothing has also shown to be effective at stopping SCP-XXXX's effect, allowing researchers to inspect or repair the device safely. However, during an EVC-XXXX event, heat resistant material can only stop the temperature that the device causes, but not the effects. SCP-XXXX also seems to have some method to prevent permanent power supply, as power sockets slowly corrode while powering SCP-XXXX. Due to this effect SCP-XXXXs power outlet must be replaced each week to prevent EVC-XXXX event, though how fast SCP-XXXX effects an outlet is seemingly random and cannot accuratly be measured. While SCP-XXXX is powered, a tendency for humans, creatures and machines to trip the cord accidentally rises exponentially. Basic lab animals, such as mice, have shown an irregular compulsion to bite and yank at SCP-XXXX's power cord which may indicate a form of subconscious control on the part of SCP-XXXX. It's also been noted that subjects exposed to SCP-XXXXs effects tend to try pulling the cord at first, rather then turning it off. Research personal also have to be reminded regularly to turn off the device by using the switch, even when in full knowledge of EVC-XXXX.

During EVC-XXXX event, the device cannot be opened, moved, dismantled or manipulated in anyway. However, testing has shown that the device is not exempt from the laws of physics, as the device will fall normally when grounding is removed. When event is over SCP-XXXX can be moved, opened and dismantled without anomalous effect, as long as the device has a continuous cycle of power. Recent deconstruction of SCP-XXXX has shown that the device may have a [DATA EXPUNGED] 05 has forbidden further dismantlement of SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX-1: Additional Documents

Addendum XXXX-2:
After incident XOXO, no electricity based SCPs are to be held in the same site as SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX-3

"If I hear one more person rhyme "Keter-Heater, Keter-Heater" I swear I'll stick one of you in there on Level 5! This isn't a damn school-yard!" -Dr ████

Addendum ████-█:
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