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The clearest image of SCP-JJJJA available to date

Item #: SCP-JJJJ

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Each instance of SCP-JJJJ is sealed inside a vacuum sealed sleeve and stored in separate safes in several secure chambers at Site-███ and Site-██. Security clearance Level-2 or higher and written permission by the site director is required to gain the access code to the chamber and safe. Taking out two or instances of SCP-JJJJ simultaneously are strictly forbidden and any personnel caught doing so will be punished severely. Several measures are in place to prevent damages or fragmentation to an instance of SCP-JJJJ.


Description: SCP-JJJJ is fragments of granites bearing inscriptions written in archaic Dentawiyanjana script first discovered in █████, Indonesia. The size of each instance varies greatly with the largest weighing in at approximately two tonne and has approximately 20,000 lines of text. When an instance of SCP-JJJJ is damaged, the resulting debris becomes new instances of SCP-JJJJ. The inscription details the history of a civilization purportedly exist around tenth century BC. There has been no evidence that verify the existence of this civilization As of ██/██/2011, recent archeological discovery has verified the existence of the civilization detailed in SCP-JJJJ text. See [REDACTED] for details.

Preliminary examination suggested that instances of SCP-JJJJ are fragments of several large monolithic structures. Currently, the Foundation has acquisitioned 34 (thirty-four) instances of SCP-JJJJ from numerous archaeological excavations around the world. It is expected that more instances of SCP-JJJJ will be found in the foreseeable future.

SCP-JJJJ-A is an entity that first manifest in the sea near the original site of discovery. It only appears when two or more instances of SCP-JJJJ came into direct contact with one another and vanish as soon as they are separated. To date, there is nothing known about SCP-JJJJ-A appearance besides its vaguely humanoid morphology, variable sizes, and luminescent red eyes. Photograph or video recording of SCP-JJJJ-A always display the subject as a darkened silhouette regardless of the lighting in its surrounding environment and firsthand eye witness could not describe anything but the eyes. SCP-JJJJ-A is highly aggressive and will indiscriminately attack everything in sight. SCP-JJJJ-A aggressiveness and size seems to correlate on how many instances of SCP-JJJJ is involved in the manifestation

As of this writing, casualties caused by SCP-JJJJ-A numbered at ██. The only known way of neutralizing SCP-JJJJ-A is to separate the instances of SCP-JJJJ causing the manifestation from each other.


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