SCP - 1656 - An Overactive Imagination

Item #: SCP-1656

Object Class: Keter Safe

Special Containment Procedures: There is no current method of containing SCP-1656-1 beyond those of typical quaratine methods. Any instance of SCP-1656 outbreak in an unmonitored area is to be reported to the nearest Level 4 personnel who are personally responsible for notification of O5 personnel and/or local civilian government official. In the event that the latter must occur, Level 4 personnel are to refer to Document-1656-████ for instruction on communicating the danger to civilians.

In the event of quarantine failure, extreme measures will be taken. This is inclusive of - though not limited to - neutralization of infected with extreme prejudice, incineration of objects with a 15% or higher probability rate of exposure, and [DATA EXPUNGED], despite what long-term afterlying effects this procedure may inflict on local ecosystems and populations.

Currently there is no need for containment of SCP-1656, save for █ minute samples contained in hermetically sealed container at Site-01██ for further testing and analysis. Any breach in containment is to be reported to on-site administrator Dr. P███, per his request, and

Description: SCP-1656-1

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