SCP - Scenery Head
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Subject through Summer
Subject through Fall
Subject through Winter
Subject through Spring. Displaying train that circles his head five (5) times before a short stop of 15 minutes, then continuing it's course around the subject's head. Faint bleating can be heard from the sheep.

Item #: SCP-1XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be kept in a two (2) to three (3) room cell, furnished with wood and/or stone furniture. The floor consisting in at least 2 m of fertile soil. Soil is to be refertilized and remineralized weekly by capable staff with extensive knowledge of agronomy and botanic. The cell is to kept at 80% humidity at all times except winter, when it slowly falls to 50% and remains as such until the end of the season, when it rises in the same fashion. The cell is to be lit with xenon arc lamps, following a 24h cycle that matches daylight times at GMT -03:00.

A tracking device was embedded on the subject and is not to be removed. Subject is allowed to walk around freely in the facility, but is denied any access to the surface.

Subject must never come in contact with SCP-073 under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-1XXX resembles a male human, around twenty to thirty years old, brown eyes, Caucasian features, 2.10 m tall, 94 kg, hairless to the fully extent of his body. Lacks human reproductive organs and bellybutton. The skin of the subject's head and shoulders is completely covered by miniaturized fauna and flora, resembling that of common Western European biome. This lifeforms are arranged to form a scenery, which changes slowly but constantly. The scenery often displays miniaturized man-made structures, that work exactly like their life sized counterparts, but no human figure has been observed so far, except for [DATA EXPUNGED] where SCP-1XXX received specialized treatment for [DATA EXPUNGED]. Further testing of this propriety is denied until further notice.

Samples from subject's tissue revealed cellular structures to be a balanced hybrid of animal and plant. The organelles responsible for providing energy seem to be a mix of mitochondria and chloroplasts.

Further examining through [DATA EXPUNGED], revealed the presence of all vital human organs, with the exception of a normal reproductive system. In their place the subject possessed several complex internal structures that shared similarities with the angiosperm reproductive system, but with extreme differences. A "first stage" of spores, liquid in nature, are produced in the abdominal area, then travel all the way to the shoulders and head through a complex vascular system. Upon reaching the miniaturized flora on the surface they are scattered, despite the original reproductive methods of the mimicked species.

The subject never produced fruit despite our efforts. Dr. ████ suggested [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. ████ reassigned to paperwork.

Addendum 1XXX-1: SCP-1XXX was found in India, close to █████. The subject was being worshiped by locals as ██████ ████ at the time of our first observation. The foundation became aware of SCP-1XXX through local contacts reporting a crescent number of sightings of a being described as part man, part plant, that wandered through local forests. Upon arrival the Foundation came in contact and terminated several individuals that had SCP-1XXX captive, firmly tied to the roots of a large three and surrounded by different offerings.

At the time of acquisition subject's anatomy seemed to mimic the local fauna and flora. Upon arriving at site ██, after suffering safeguard procedures of sedation and sensory deprivation, the subject displayed it's current anatomy. Upon inquiry subject stated that he was never made unaware of the local ecosystem. Dr █████ suggested that it could be a default state. Further testing of this theory awaiting approval.

Addendum 1XXX-2: Subject showed signs of growing stress and depression. Further observation showed that the emotional state worsens gradually, despite psychological help, until subject is exposed to direct sunlight, whereupon the subject quickly recovers from any stress, and stays at an euphoric state for an amount of time equal to twice that of exposure. After state of euphoria passes, the subject returns to it's typical positive and amicable mood.

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