Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1877 is to be stored in a secure locker unless being experimented upon.
All level 3 or higher clearance may request access for experimentation. All experimentation is to be done indirectly via D-Class personnel.

SCP-1877 is for intents and purposes a blue Sony Walkman TPS-L2, originally secured from flea market on █████████, █████, China.
Tapes played on SCP-1877 are heard normally. Batteries powering the Walkman show a decreased output, usually performing 78% to 86% of their average voltage.

While SCP-1877's radio's turned on and hearing device is in contact with human skin is made, a number of effects are triggered.

If SCP-1877's radio is turned on while ear buds contact human skin, radio will stop working and SCP-1877 will start vibrating.
Vibration increases steadily and has in some cases cracked certain pieces of SCP-1877's exterior.

If SCP-1877's radio is turned on while headphones enter direct contact with human skin, radio will stop working and emit low pitched sound ranging from ██ dB to ███ dB.
In all cases noise causes enough strain on the magnet to ensure an explosion.

If SCP-1877's radio is turned on, and speakers come in contact with human skin, SCP-1877's radio will stop working and emit a random high pitch sound somewhere from ██ dB to ███ dB.
This will trigger a simple harmonic motion.
When motion reaches an equilibrium, oscillation begins to steadily increase.
If left undamped, the speakers' motion will create a low buzzing noise.
After █ seconds, matter from 1 mt up to 7 mts will experience an atomic breakdown, and [DATA EXPUNGED] until device is powered off or runs out of power.

Afterwards, whatever is left of the testing chamber and all elements caught in the radius are lost, in their place, SCP-1877 is believed to created random assortment of pure mineral in various shapes. See test log:

Circuitry shows gold coating present on a small scale on all boards. Disassembly and re-assembly has failed to duplicate effects when re-inserted in other similar devices.

SCP-1877 Test Log:

Test 001:
D-37485: subject is male, Hispanic, 25 years old.

D-37485 told to sit, turn on radio and put on ear buds.
Visible vibration perceived from SCP-1877.
Vibration increased. Test stopped to secure SCP-1877.
D-37485 asked to turn off SCP-1877, dismissed.

Test 002:
D-37486: subject is female, Caucasian, 51 years old.

D-37486 told to sit, turn on radio and put on headphones.
No vibration detected from SCP-1877.
Headphones emitted a low pitched sound and exploded.
SCP-1877 turned off remotely.
D-37486 lost consciousness after low pitched noise.

Test 003:
D-37426: subject is female, African-American, 33 years old.

Test 003:
D-36145: subject is male, African-American, 34 years old.

Test 004:
Male Chimpanzee(Pan troglodytes), 21 years old.
Chimpanzee was sedated and headphones were placed over ears and secured with tape.
SCP-1877 turned on remotely.
Radio was heard normally. Awaited ██ minutes.
SCP-1877 turned off remotely.
No vibration detected from SCP-1877.

Test 005:
Male Chimpanzee(Pan paniscus), 27 years old.
Test results identical to previous test.

Test 006:
D-32352: subject is male, Caucasian, 41 years old.
While D-32352 was sleeping headphones connected to SCP-1877 were placed over ears.
SCP-1877 turned on remotely.
No vibration detected from SCP-1877.
Headphones emitted a low pitched sound and exploded.
SCP-1877 turned off remotely.
D-32352 did not wake up. Medical tests later confirmed subject lapsed into catatonia.
Subject terminated after ██ days.

Test 007:
D-38397: subject is male, Caucasian, 46 years old.

D-38397 told to sit, turn on radio and connect a pair of high-end speakers, advised to touch speakers with hand until the end of the test.
Speakers start oscillating. Simple harmonic motion started.
D-38397 requests to stop test. Request denied. Subject stops contact with speakers, speakers stop oscillating immediately.
SCP-1877 turned off remotely.

Test 008:
D-38397 tied to chair. Speakers fastened to naked feet.
SCP-1877 turned on remotely.

Speakers start oscillating. Simple harmonic motion started.
D-38397 shows discomfort, requests repeatedly to stop test.
Equilibrium in oscillation attained. Visual surveillance showed fog forming on the room.
9 seconds later, all surveillance is lost.
SCP-1877 remote circuit not responding.

Task force currently assigned to ████████ sent in to recover SCP-1877. [DATA EXPUNGED]
After ██ hours, situation reached critical levels, risked containment breach of SCP-███, and SCP-████.
Dr.A████████ suggested using SCP-███ to attempt disarm SCP-1877.
[REDACTED] approved of Dr.A████████ suggestion.
Attempt successful, SCP-███ lost, SCP-1877 recovered.

Room was full of solidified platinum chunks(37), and perfect cubic blocks of granite ranging from 33 to 3 cubic centimeters(total of 23). Oxygen concentration slightly elevated.
No evidence of task force. 3cm by 2cm cloth from D-38397's shirt identified within granite block.
Recording chamber glass broken and missing pieces not found, however instruments on the far end of chamber unaffected. Distance from SCP-1877, 8.36 meters.

Testing has been deemed dangerous and unpredictable at this time.
Awaiting approval from O5 to continue testing.

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