Item #:SCP-x

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures
An environmentally-regulated chamber has been constructed for containment of SCP-x, designed to provide complete isolation from any external weather variance or factors that could encourage re-activation or re-alignment of SCP-x1's circadian rhythm. It is imperative that individuals assigned to guard duties or study of SCP-x do not wear any sort of time-piece or make any vocalisations regarding time of day. All individuals assigned to SCP-x must have had at least 12 hours of sleep in the previous 48 hours, and must have not been awake for any more than 5 hours previous to start of the session. No session is to last more than 5 hours. Any personnel observed to be displaying signs of fatigue (yawning/sighing, drooping eyes, 6 o'clock shadow) is to be immediately escorted from the premises. All personnel beginning a work session with SCP-x must be administered with an intravenous dose of caffeine at least 10 minutes before coming into contact with SCP-x.
The immediate area surrounding the containment chamber is to be kept quiet at all times. Speech is to be kept to a minimum volume at all times. Under no circumstances is music to be played or performed in proximity to the containment chamber. No recording devices or personal devices capable of recording or playback of sound are permitted, with the exception of those granted special permissions by Level 5 senior staff. All staff are to be instructed not to whistle, drum, tap or hum while assigned to SCP-x.

SCP-x comprises of two humanoid forms, one with the appearance of a Caucasian female (hereafter referred to as SCP-x1), of approximate age 35-45, the other a Caucasian infant (hereafter referred to as SCP-x2) of undetermined gender, with an approx age of less than 1 year old. SCP-x1 holds SCP-x2 at all times, and due to the nature of the subjects, it has been determined that disruption of this arrangement should under no circumstances be attempted.

SCP-x1 has, at least since the subject was introduced to the facility (August 22nd, 1939), unceasingly sang the first verse of the song “You Are My Sunshine” to SCP-x2. It must be explicitly stated to all personnel that under no circumstances must this arrangement be interrupted in any way.
Initial experiments attempting to separate SCP-x1/SCP-x2 and/or communicate with SCP-x1 were terminated prematurely after the conclusion was reached that disruption of the arrangement between both elements of SCP-x would lead to a [DATA EXPUNGED]-class event. Initial attempts lead to both subjects becoming severely distressed, with SCP-x1 desperately attempting to maintain physical contact with SCP-x2. SCP-x1 could occasionally be provoked into very rushed comments in-between lines of singing that removal of the “sunshine” would cause calamity.
It has been recorded that whenever these interruptions occurred, approx 5-10 minutes later it was observed that the sun would noticeably dim in the sky. Astronomers working with the facility have noted at these approximate times that there were unexplainable and exceptional variances in the strength of the sun's gravitational field and electromagnetic output.
It can only be surmised that the arrangement between the components of SCP-x is capable of directly affecting the physical properties of the sun. It is unknown as to whether this effect applies to just our sun, or to more than one star.

Both SCP-x1 and SCP-x2 show heavily suppressed susceptibility to the effects of the passage of time, although it has become evident that both subjects are differently affected by this phenomenon. SCP-x2 seems to be, for all measurements that have been recorded by the facility so far, unaffected by succession of time. SCP-x2 has never been observed to intake solids or liquids or to defecate in any way, and has never been seen to sleep, although its general activity does vary within the parameters expected of an average infant.
SCP-x1's susceptibility to the passage of time, while greatly reduced compared to the average, is measurably higher than SCP-x1's, and has been observed to be increasing in a linear fashion. When SCP-x was introduced to the facility, SCP-x1 required food and water approximately every 15 years, as it stands currently SCP-x1 now needs to be fed every 14.2 years.
SCP-x1 has not been observed to sleep, but has been showing signs of advanced exhaustion since the facility became aware of SCP-x. SCP-x1's exhaustion is now visibly worse than in 1939, and so measures have been taken to ensure that SCP-x1 maintains consciousness at all times in order to maintain its arrangement with SCP-x2.
Every 28 days, a suitably prepared facility operative is to enter SCP-x's holding facility, and administer an intravenous injection of various stimulant medications to SCP-x1. SCP-x1 tends to show a limited resistance but is unable/unwilling to perform action which would compromise its arrangement with SCP-x2. SCP-x's containment chamber is illuminated at all times with full-spectrum 15,000 lux halogen lamps covering every surface. Breakages or dimming of any of these lamps is to be immediately reported for priority maintenance.

It is unknown how long SCP-x has been in existence, and exactly how it compares chronologically with the lifespan of the sun. Based on the rate of change of time displacement occurring for SCP-x1 since it was introduced to the facility, SCP-x's date of origin seems to be much more recent than that of our sun.
Also, the song “You Are My Sunshine” which SCP-x1 continually sings was first written in 1933, and so the nature of SCP-x is unknown before the song was authored.

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