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Item #: SCP-620

Object Class: Euclid Safe

A short audio sample of SCP-620-A, resynthesized in limited quality and bitrate from the musical instructions in SCP-620-B. Access limited to 01/620 clearance.

Special Containment Procedures: The compact disk containing SCP-620 is not to be removed from Room ███ at Computer Storage Centre ██ under any circumstances. Because SCP-620-A was contained in a transmission, it is possible that other copies still survive. If any copies are found excepting the copy listed above, they are to be destroyed. Foundation agents are instructed to prevent the use of radio telescopes involving star BD+04°█████. SCP-620 modifies the memories of the analyst if analysis is attempted (see Incident 620-2); therefore, no further analyses of SCP-620 are permitted at this time.

Description: SCP-620 consists of two computer files, SCP-620-A and SCP-620-B, which both contain a musical piece of unclear origin. Much of the associated information is in standard formats and in English, however, there are stretches of information that cannot be processed. The files are harmless unless serious, in-depth analysis of the musical piece is attempted. If an analysis is attempted, it appears that SCP-620 contains a memetic command that erases all memories for the analyst and nearby persons since the date SCP-620 was first found. Similarly, any data or records in proximity to SCP-620 (excepting a copy of SCP-620) during an analysis are also erased, whether the data was written, printed, or digital.

The effect extends to any who observe the output of such an analysis, but notably, reproductions of the data, even in wildly different formats, do not cause unusual effects. Moreover, considerable meta-information can be safely analysed without danger. SCP-620, then, can be safely contained and poses no threat unless analysed.

SCP-620-A is a computer file (MP3 Format), which was first found on ██ February 20██ in a signal from the star BD+04°█████ while the star was being monitored by the SETI project. Upon discovery, field agent L█████████████ seized the files and deleted the copy at SETI.

The first page of SCP-620-B

SCP-620-B is a PDF file created by Dr. J█████████████ (See incident 620-1 and 620-2) containing nine pages of sheet music for a musical piece titled: A glorious ████████████████████ is our ███████. According to the file, the music was written by █████████████. And consists of 6 parts. 5 parts are monophonic and grouped in unison, and played on an 8va treble clef, treble clef, alto clef, bass clef, and 8vb bass clef. These parts are titled, respectively: Fast Wave, Dim Wave, Centre Wave, Major Wave, and Slow Wave. The fast wave's part consists entirely of crochets, the Dim Wave consists of only of minims, and the Centre, Major, and Slow Wave consist entirely of semibreves. The final part is titled Saw Waves and consists of crochet chords. The last page of the document appears to be a chord grid corresponding to the part titled Saw Waves.

Incident Report 620-1:

Personnel involved: Dr. J█████████████, Agent R██████████

Date: March 20██

Location: Computer Storage Centre ██

Description: On ██ March 20██, Dr. J█████████████ was given SCP-620-A and asked to analyse the sounds. Three days later, Dr. J█████████████ requested the assistance of Agent R██████████, who was a skilled pianist. Four hours after Agent R██████████ arrived to assist, Dr. J█████████████ and Agent R██████████ were found in Dr. J█████████████'s office in a dazed state. Both had forgotten all events between ██ February 20██ and ██ March 20██. Dr. J█████████████'s research computer had been wiped, leaving only files SCP-620-A and SCP-620-B.

The last page of SCP-620-B

Incident Report 620-2:

Personnel involved: A████████████, [DATA EXPUNGED]

Date: March 20██

Location: Computer Storage Centre ██

Description: On On ██ July 20██, A████████████ was given the files and asked to analyse them, he produced a report about their contents, but when he began attempting to analyse the musical structure of SCP-620, approximately ██ persons(all in the immediate area, or reviewing the audiovisual recordings of the analysis) began suffering retrograde global amnesia for the time period from ██ February 20██ to ██ July 20██. No person was able to recall any event or memory from this time period. No problems were noted for those who heard the file outside of the analysis attempt or did not attempt to review information about the attempt. In light of this incident, Dr. U█████ has declared that no further analyses on SCP-620-A or -B are permitted due to the likelihood of the effort involved being wasted, and the clear ease with which SCP-620 can be safely contained.


Document# 620-03: Study of file tag information for SCP-620-A and SCP-620-B by Dr. U█████. (Note, Most of the text was garbled ASCII text, which is tagged as [ILLEGIBLE-N] below. Some illegible strings reappeared, and are marked as such.)


  • Track: 8
  • Disk: 4
  • Title: A glorious [ILLEGIBLE-1] is our [ILLEGIBLE-2]
  • Artist: [ILLEGIBLE-3] and the [ILLEGIBLE-4] Choir
  • Album: Hymns to [ILLEGIBLE-2]
  • Year: 4703

This date is either far in the future, or on a calender not presently known.

  • Genre: Chorus
  • Comment: Transmitted by the [ILLEGIBLE-2] Council with permission of [ILLEGIBLE-5] Thoughtcasters for the use of citizens of Sol V.

It should be noted that Sol V would be the planet Jupiter, if the numbering system is from the sun outwards. If the numbering system is from Neptune inwards, Sol V would be Earth. Either way, Sol is the scientific name for the Sun, meaning that it is likely that this signal was intended for our solar system.

  • Album Artist: [ILLEGIBLE-3]
  • Composer: [ILLEGIBLE-3]
  • Publisher: [ILLEGIBLE-5] Thoughtcasters

The mention of 'Thoughtcasters' heavily implies that there is some kind of memetic component to SCP-620

  • Orig. Artist: [ILLEGIBLE-3] and [ILLEGIBLE-6]
  • Copyright: 4700
  • Encoded: [ILLEGIBLE-8]
  • BPM: 120 as [ILLEGIBLE-9]


  • Title: A glorious [ILLEGIBLE-1] is our [ILLEGIBLE-2]
  • Author: [ILLEGIBLE-3]
  • Subject: [ILLEGIBLE-2]
  • Keywords: █████████████, █████████████, Music

The second keyword is the most concerning and further supports the theory of SCP-620 containing some kind of memetic information.

Final Comments: From listening to SCP-620-A and having SCP-620-B played, they do not sound at all like music, but do sound the same. Considering the mention of thoughtcasters and █████████████, I am forced to conclude that SCP-620 must have memetic components of some kind. However, there is no justification for Euclid classification (or, for that matter, further research). I recommend that SCP-620 be declared safe and that only single copy be maintained. - Dr. U█████

Reclassification approved, destroy all copies except for one archival copy. Keep the archival copy in Room ███. - O5-█

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