Dr. Rebecca Stone - 002

Personal Log - 002

Dr. Rebecca Stone

From the time Dr. Richard had given me the lab coat, I had this sense of
dread, knowing anytime SCP-682 would burst out of his containment
chamber and rid us of our existence. But what can I do? I have no other
place to go to after the laboratory I used to work blew up in thin air,
leaving me as the sole survivor of that incident. I guess that turned
the Foundation's interest on me being that fortunate.

-Start of Log-

This morning, I had a faint headache before visiting SCP-682's containment
chamber, I had to go anyway to the viewing room to see what's going on lately.
after what seems to be another Class-D personnel malfunction, with the result
of ten deaths after they tried to introduce a substance to the subject.
(Dr. Bright's idea, again, of eliminating the said creature)

The said substance can't be retrieved by any means, since the SCP-682 has
known it to be an important material for the personnel. It is odd since it's
staring at the observation room, and blocking any possible passage to it.
Dr. Richard will not be glad about this, contamination of the subject's
chamber with a foreign substance is pretty much a controllers nightmare.

Someone has to get it out somehow, so after much debate, we decided
to send up another batch of Class-D's to their relative deaths just to retrieve
the said substance, again, no one is telling me what in mother earth's name
is that thing doing in SCP-682's chamber?!? Really, I should terminate the
dolt responsible for this mishap; Even if it is Dr. Bright himself, I would love to
have a word with that Pongo.

SCP-682 had a violent reaction after noticing twenty personnel came
inside its chamber, it momentarily left the objective open for personnel to
retrieve, if they're fast enough to run to it and back safely. At least three
personnel where cooperative to team up and get the substance out, the
rest of them perished in the ensuing chaos.

I feel guilty of sending those men to their deaths, even if I know they have
been criminals, they still breath and look human; I can't shake the images
of the carnage away, I even had to write a full report, in detail, on what
happened down there, I have no choice.

Dr. Richard congratulated me on my efforts to reclaim the substance, he
even gave me a congratulatory pat-on-the-back to emphasize his meaning.
But at what cost? I had to send those men to die for a stupid "thing" in that
monster's cave, what am I even doing with them?

I just had to weep, I'm not used to things that require great sacrifices.
I guess I'll just have to tell Sally here what I think of about it, writing down
makes me remember everything that happened.

I had a word with another researcher on site, and he told me that
Dr. Bright is not what I think he is. If it's a sick joke, I don't buy it. What
could he possibly be? The researcher told me that it was named SCP-113,
capable of changing the organic to a close resemblance of a Homo Sapiens.

As I ponder on the thought, why not approach the subject and let it be
consumed in practical manners, such as feeding it indirectly, although the
subject has the tendency not to for it can live without eating and, rely on
photosynthesis for nourishment, hence its green pigmentation due to
chlorophyll. Which is very efficient, we don't need to feed it.

I have been also getting some feedback with SCP-XXX-1, who's an
internet follower of this log, must be an agent checking on logs for possible
Foundation Information Breach. Well, I'm just an ordinary researcher here.

That's what they said.

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