Seisatsu S Sandbox
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SCP-xxx in its original location.

Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-xxx is to be installed within the grounds of Site ██. A locking mechanism should prevent unauthorized personnel from utilizing its abilities.


SCP-xxx appears to be an ordinary United Stated Postal Service public mailbox. Scratches and markings consistent with normal use are present on the outside. The mailbox is equipped with a standard drop slot, and a locked access door. SCP-xxx's abilities only become apparent when mail is dropped through the slot.

When any letter or package is inserted into the drop slot, said parcel arrives immediately at the recipient address. This has been tested and confirmed, with the transaction happening just microseconds after a package is mailed. In the case of parcels with insufficient or no postage, or an invalid or missing recipient address, the letter or package arrives immediately at the return address. If there is no return address, the mail is lost. Packages containing tracking devices have been unsuccessful in transmitting their location when lost in this manner. Parcels may also be mailed through the access door; they are sent as soon as the door is closed and locked.

Due to its properties, SCP-xxx is very valuable to Site ██. SCP-xxx may be used for routine correspondence with other sites or recipients, especially in the case of an on-site emergency. SCP-xxx may also be used to mail other safe-class SCPs, but great caution must be taken in ensuring correct addressing and postage of such packages.

Addendum 1:

A test was performed in which a sticker labeled "Mailbox #87" was attached to SCP-xxx. A letter was then mailed from another site, addressed to Site ██, Mailbox #87. The letter arrived successfully in SCP-xxx's compartment. SCP-xxx may therefore be used to receive mail for Site ██.

Addendum 2:

Testing with packages containing live animals or humans are pending following a request by Dr. Valence.

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Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
The audio logs recovered from the site of the incident are to be stored in an encrypted drive, with access granted only to Level-4 personnel and above. No other containment procedures are deemed necessary at this time.

SCP-XXX is an audio log recovered from the ██████ Native American tribe, located at the ██████████, California reservation. The audio was recorded by an American Studies student of Berkely University, as part of her thesis. At the time of the recording, the student, Juvia ████████, had already spent 6 (six) weeks on the reserve, and participated in many of the tribe's traditions as part of her studies. The anomalous audio was recorded just before the incident occured, labeled SCP-XXX-1. SCP-XXX-1 is shown to affect anyone observing the unedited recording.

Just before the time of the incident, a young man had returned from a spirit journey, which is a coming-of-age ritual rooted in ██████ tradition. Upon his arrival, the man stated that he had received a message from his spirit, and the people of the tribe gathered. The anomalous audio begins at this time.

The young man begins to sing, the lyrics of his song incorporating Native American throat-singing and archaic language of the tribe.

SCP Agents were informed of a mass suicide-homicide taking place at the ██████ tribe under suspicious circumstances. The tribe members were found to have [EXPUNGED] to death. Juvia ████████ was found some distance away, a knife in her hand. She appeared to have repeatedly stabbed her ears until she died from loss of blood.

Agent ████ Westley recovered the audio, recorded to a high definition MP3 recording device. After listening to the audio, he proceded to [EXPUNGED], despite the efforts of several accompanying agents.

Researchers later listening to a digitally distorted version of the audio became severely depressed, and had to be issued Class-A amnesiacs.

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