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SCP-935 torching down his latest hiding place prior to containment

Item #: SCP-935

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be kept in 6m x 6m x 6m containment in Sector-25. Every surface of the room are lined with pure graphite tiles as to prevent accidental breach. The room have only one (1) ventilation covered with airtight seal made from tungsten when not in use as to minimize any chance of escape. Air are to be pumped only during feeding and when staffs enter the containment room.

Any personnel must have a Level 2 security clearance to enter the room for maintenance purpose while an interview sessions with SCP-934 requires a Level 3 security clearance. They are required to don a full set fire-retardant suit and a portable blast shield and pass through two airtight steel doors before entering containment facility.

Two (2) kilogram of firewood is to be supplied three times a day. The facility is to be cleaned two hours after each feeding. Occasional addition of gasoline or diesel are to be provided once every month. Battery-powered television and audio books are to be operated in SCP-935 presence at daily basis second feeding to stave off boredom and keep depression in check.

Description: SCP-935 is a heat-based entity originated from a human being. In his natural state, SCP-935 appears as an amorphous, superheated, glowing mass resembling fire with average temperature of up to 1000 Co. He could expand his body to cover large area though his core temperature decrease by a factor of two (2) for every square meter of expansion. SCP-935’s body composed of plasma, which explain the lack of mass. When a portion of his body is taken separated away from him, it will cool down to leave a mixture of gas containing carbon dioxide (60%), Nitrous oxide (22%) , Hydrogen Sulfide (4%), and unidentified others (14%). SCP-935 is unable to interact with physical object due to his plasma state and he will lose integrity if he stayed in open spaces for too long.

SCP-935 is an energyvore that feed on heat energy. It did so by using its own heat to set flammable material alight and harvest the heat energy produced by subsequent fire. It is calculated that he need a barest minimum of 4 kJ per day to survive.

While SCP-935 retained no apparent nervous system in its current form, he is possess his sight and hearing and is capable of higher cognition function. 935 often introduce himself as 'Jaka Wissangeni' and become upset when referred to with his designation number during interviews. However, SCP-935 retained no memory prior to the transformation to his current state. SCP-935 scored 160 at standard IQ test, indicating that whoever he was quite intelligent in his previous life (or an indication that his transformation enhances his intellect somehow). SCP-935 has no voice, but has learn to use its body to vibrate the air around him to produce squeaky-speech and he could only communicate in old Javanese though he is learning English slowly.

During session interaction, SCP-935 display amicable and intellectual disposition despite being diagnosed with clinical depression. SCP-935 enjoyed the company of others and often engage in friendly arguments with interviewing researchers. SCP-935 also enjoyed audio books and quiz-shows on the television.

Addendum [SCP-935a]: The existence SCP-935 was first hinted after a series of devastating fire in ██████ ████, ███████, Indonesia in ██/██/████. However, the researchers of SCP Foundation remained skeptic about his existence until a Javanese shaman managed to contain him a clay-coated steel jar which somehow lower SCP-935 temperature to only 300 Co. The jar and SCP-935 was retrieved in ██/██/████.

The containment jarnicknamed 'Genie's Lamp'had been labeled as SCP-935-1. Proposal for its separate classification is pending.

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