Lying Gods

Item: Shinto Tablet SCP:233

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures:

SCP 233 is a clay tablet dated to 700-900 AD, it mesures 20cm by 27cm abd weighs 5.32 kg. SCP 233 was recovered at a burial site 23km from Sapporo, Japan after a the suicide of the Tokugawa family, leaving notes referencing "a draw to SCP 233, a unanimous urge to offer all things of worth including all their possesions and the souls of their children" The mother and father were found hanged and skewered above SCP 233, their children 32 meteres away, their bodies purged of blood by the use of hemlock. SCP 233 is 95% clay found commonly found in the region of Sapporo and 5% unknown substance with molecular similarity of Jade found in eastern China. SCP 233 is inscribed with an unknown script with similarities to oracle bone script of Eastern china. Traces of flint found on SCP 233 is dated to 3000 BC. SCP 233 is known to cause attaction and will to posess within 1-2 minutes of exposure. After 10-15 minutes of exposure SCP 233 is causes a stronger will of attraction and posession, leading the subject to take and keep SCP 233 in their posession and defend themselves when questioned.

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