Shrinking Road
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Simplified 3-D Projection of SCP-XXX's area of effect, including a visual aid displaying its effects on SCP-XXX-1 as observed from beyond SCP-XXX's field of effect. Projection is not to scale.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX cannot be relocated, and therefore must be contained on-site. Site-██ is to mimic a seismographic survey station under the ownership of the ██████ Geological Survey, and all personnel stationed must be given the proper knowledge, training, and false identities required to uphold designated cover stories as a means of deterring individuals not in the Foundation from learning about SCP-XXX. Due to the remoteness of Site-██, lethal force is authorized against any and all hostiles seeking to gain access within the facility.

Within the facility, SCP-XXX is to be enclosed within a 20x20x40 meter room within the site, and cannot be directly accessed without Level 3 Clearance. SCP-XXX will be monitored at all times by video surveillance from throughout the room, including a series of cameras located along SCP-XXX's entrance, end, and sides. The entrance of SCP-XXX is to be blocked with a 8x8x1 meter concrete wall, and requires Level 4 Clearance from Dr. █████ or any Senior Staff member to be removed for using SCP-XXX in testing. Experimentation on SCP-XXX-1 can be achieved with Level 3 Clearance, with all results being forwarded to Dr. █████ upon completion.

Any Foundation staff that violate these procedures will have their clearance revoked, and be administered Class █ amnesiacs. Non-Foundation persons that violate these procedures will be terminated.

Description: SCP-XXX was discovered by Foundation staff at ██████ in ████ █, 19██, after learning of a report by Officers ██████ and ██████ from the ██████ State Highway Patrol that was dismissed by their superiors for being "symptoms of Officers' ██████ and ██████ poor psychological health". Upon confirming SCP-XXX's existence during a visit to the location specified within the report, Agent ████ led a team of Foundation forces to secure and contain SCP-XXX. After preliminary experimentation, it was determined that it could not be moved from its location, and Site-██ was constructed around it to conceal its existence.

When measured from beyond its area of effect, SCP-XXX is a region of space 23.627 meters long from its entrance to end. At its entrance, it has a height and width of 7.151 meters; at its end, it has a height and width of 0.009 meters. From these two locations, SCP-XXX's height and width equally shift in exponentially increasing amounts across proportionally-smaller distances. There is a stretch of two-lane roadway located directly beneath SCP-XXX, which is designated as SCP-XXX-1. It bears near-identical length and width with SCP-XXX, and maintains proportional details with its own structural design and surface features at all points along its length. When observed from any angles, excluding from within its field of effect or from its entrance, SCP-XXX is completely invisible. All that is detectable are the changes it has on objects moving within its field of effect, which consist of size decreases when movement is towards the end of SCP-XXX, and size increases when movement is towards the entrance of SCP-XXX.

If observed from its entrance or within its field of effect, SCP-XXX manifests as a visual distortion that exponentially increases the sizes of visible objects beyond its field of effect. This phenomenon is made stronger with the visible object's greater proximity to SCP-XXX's end. This distortion is not present when viewing objects that are within the field of effect if the observer is either also within the field of effect, or at the entrance. Similarily, objects at the entrance that are viewed from within the field of effect are not not visually distorted. The length of SCP-XXX and SCP-XXX-1 also extends up to 354.405 meters from inside the field of effect, while SCP-XXX appears to have a constant height and width of 7.151 meters from within its field of effect, giving the impression of greater volume from within.

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