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[Data Redacted]

Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All known appearances of SCP-#### have coincided with approximately █ seconds of signal π9-0. Upon the confirmation that identity signal π9-0 has been received MTF-ΘPrime (aka “Möbius' Mongooses”) are to be scrambled and briefed en-route as to potential targets of SCP-####. An additional MTF is to be set on alert and ready to scramble should MTF-Θ' require backup. If the signal is triangulated to within 70 miles of Site-██, Site-██ is to go into full lock-down until the situation is resolved.

Due to the difficulty experienced trying to capture live instances of SCP-#### a shoot to kill policy is in effect, this can only be overridden by direct order of two O5.

Once all instances of SCP-#### have been exterminated each of the seven specimens are to be stripped of any remaining effects and processed at the nearest Foundation controlled facility. Recovered equipment is to be checked for anomalies before being sent to the on site QM for redistribution. Recovered bodies must undergo an exploratory autopsy before being disposed of in accordance with standard D-Class procedures.

Description: SCP-#### consists of all seven members of MTF-π9 (aka “Siberian Cobras”). MTF-π9 were based at Site-██ and specialised in capturing known hostile objects which comprise a biologically hazardous component. The standard MTF dossier detailing names, case histories, equipment and psychological evaluations (Doc π9-α) is appended to this report.

On ██/██/91 all contact with MTF-π9 was lost during an attempt to capture SCP-███ (current location unknown). █ months later the encoded tracking signal (π9-0) lasting ██ seconds, previously assigned to the group, placed them ██ miles east of Tulun. Whilst a team were being sent to investigate the occurrence MTF-π9 were spotted by Agent █████ and his unit, who were in the vicinity conducting reconnaissance on a potential item of interest. Agent █████ was unable to establish contact with MTF-π9, who directly assaulted the compound and perished in the attempt. Although this act revealed the Foundation's interest in the object (now designated SCP-████), it did expose previously unknown properties of SCP-████ and the capabilities of the associated cult, which facilitated its eventual capture.

SCP-#### has since repeated this pattern 81 times to date, including 36 assaults upon Site-██. All occurrences so far have been contained within southern Siberia. Upon materialisation SCP-#### proceeds to the nearest anomalous item, whether or not it is known to the Foundation, and attempts to secure the object. SCP-#### remains unresponsive to all attempts at communication and will engage any resistance with force. What follows after an object is successfully secured by SCP-#### is not known.

[Data Expunged]

Except for one occurrence, all materials obtained from an instance of SCP-#### have been identical, excluding variation for; spent ammunition, cause of death, etc. On ██/██/04 the exploratory autopsy on specimen SCP-####-05 revealed the presence of 3 genetically human fingers (middle, ring and N/A) of an unidentified male, in addition to the normal stomach contents.

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