snack foods

SCP xxx
class: safe

Containment procedures:

Samples of SCP are currently stored in a .5 x .5 x 1 m refrigerated Biohazardous Items locker on site 19. Access to samples of SCP xxx-2 is allowed for research purposes with approval from 03-level or higher personnel. Though SCP xxx has not been shown to affect humans without being ingested, personnel researching SCP xxx should wear level 3 biohazard protective gear and follow according decontamination procedures. Instances of SCP xxx-1 discovered in the field must be acquired at all costs, and destroyed with extreme prejudice following investigation into the source of the instance. The foundation currently has sufficient samples of xxx-1 for all planned research.

Description: SCP xxx is a prion that acts on the entire human nervous system, increasing oxytocin production and causing oxytocin and dopamine receptors in the brain to multiply, while decreasing the size of the frontal lobe and cerebral cortex. Humans infected with SCP xxx become gradually more complacent and open to suggestion from others. The degree of complacency and obedience appears to be related to several factors, including the individual constitution of the infected person, the age at which they were first exposed, and frequency of exposure to xxx. Infected persons are not compelled to obey suggestions against their will; rather, they are able to successfully refuse commands initially, but become increasingly likely to perform an action or swear to a specific belief the more often the suggestion to do so is repeated. Infected persons will justify any such action to themselves and others, regardless of whether it is illogical, dangerous or even fatal to themselves (see experiment log xxx-a). Research into the long-term effects of xxx is ongoing, but data gathered by field agents indicate higher instances of xxx infection among schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s patients compared to the typical population. To date, no instances of xxx have been discovered outside instances of xxx-1. Attempts to isolate xxx outside xxx-1 have been unsuccessful. It should be noted that the physiological symptoms of xxx do not cause humans to be more susceptible to suggestion under normal circumstances, and the mechanism by which xxx is able to cause subtle psychological changes in the infected person is not currently understood.

Scp xxx-1:
Instances of SCP xxx-1 have appeared in various convenience and grocery stores in [ ] US states, including [redacted]. Instances of SCP xxx-1 appear as various plastic-wrapped snack foods including chips, cakes, and candies. Over 30 major snack food brands have been discovered to contain xxx, including: [redacted]. SCP xxx-1 food items are identical to their normal counterparts in every way except for the presence of xxx. Packaging of SCP xxx-1 instances are labeled with production dates contemporary to the times they were discovered and are otherwise identical to packaging of normal items, except that the words STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY appear in small font beneath the list of ingredients.

The first discovery of xxx was in 197[ ], in [redacted]. A Foundation agent purchased an instance of xxx-1 at a drugstore while off-duty, and alerted the Foundation after noticing the STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY label on the packaging. Over [ ] instances of SCP xxx-1 were recovered in the subsequent investigation; to date, [ ] instances have been identified and destroyed by the Foundation. No link between staff of stores selling xxx-1 and the Factory has been found, and no persons of interest have successfully been identified in the investigation of xxx-1.

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