Item #: SCP-1372-J

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1372 is to be kept in a 5mx5mx4m room. The room is to be fully equipped with a stove, pan, and scrambled eggs. It's produce is to be collected on a bi-daily basis and cooked to perfection. All class 2 personnel and above are allowed un-restricted access to SCP-1372

Description: 1372 seems to be the result of a gene splicing of two animals. Namely, a snake and a pig. The key feature of 1372 seems to be that a snake's natural shedding feature has been replaced with a feature shedding uncooked strips of bacon. The skin-bacon has been tested to be 93.7 percent delicious.

1372 does not show obvious signs of hostility, and pays no mind to the recovery of it's delicious skin. Test logs have shown that it is not significantly smarter nor dumber than a pig or a snake normally would be. It sheds its skin once ever two days. Requires no type of sustenance.

1372 was discovered in a temperate forest off the coast of ████████. Within the forest many other crossbreeds of animals were found, but none as delicious as this.

Addendum 1372-A: Class D personnel sent to examine shedded skin.

Dr. Clef: Now, pick up the dead skin.

D-037: It seems to be raw bacon.

Dr. Clef: There is a frying pan to your left, please cook it.

D-037: It's cooked, do you want me to eat it?

Dr. Clef: Yes, please.

D-037: It's…… The best thing I've ever tasted!

Dr. Clef: Leave some for me, please.

D-037: NO!

Afterwards D-037 was terminated and stomach contents were recovered. Then eaten.

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