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SCP-086, Early Stage Passive State: Note the Continued Distortion of Surroundings

Item #: SCP-086

Object Class: Neutralized (Previously Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-086 was confined in a circular area of no less than four meters across, with no object directly obscuring the walls. SCP-086's containment area only contained: one (1) sleeping mattress, one (1) table, and one (1) light fixture, fitted with high wattage fluorescent light bulbs. SCP-086's cell was not, under any circumstances, rearranged, nor was the light turned off. Personnel were not permitted in SCP-086's holding cell, nor any area within an additional ten meters around the cell's perimeter, during its active times (from exactly 8:43 A.M. to 9:21 P.M). Failure to meet this requirement resulted in reclassification to Class D and enrollment in SCP-086's test group.

The following document, attributed to the original project head Dr. █████ (19██ to 199█), was considered the major directive of the project for eight years and was given to each new member of the research staff. It is retained here for archival purposes:

It should be noted the SCP-086 is a creature of precise habits. It will follow a specific script [See Attached File SCP-086-A], without fail each day, to the letter. Built into this model are the times of deviation during which SCP-086 must be closely monitored. I should go without saying that failure to note ANY AND ALL additional deviations could be disastrous.

Description: SCP-086 is a young male, appearing to be approximately seven to twelve years of age. Additionally, SCP-086 displays all the signs of severe autism. The examinations of on site behaviorists and recovered medical records show that this condition has been present for SCP-086's entire life. SCP-086 physical features have a tendency to shift when active; however, during a resting state, it has been noted as having black hair and dark skin. SCP-086 cannot speak and possesses no known direct ability to communicate. SCP-086 has shown no need for nutrition or waste removal, but it has still been recorded breathing and, presumably, sleeping. SCP-086 does not appear to age, and has been known to shift between heights (ranging from 1.17 to 1.84 meters) and weights (65 to 80 kilograms), making any determination impossible. This, coupled with the incomplete state of the recovered medical records, leaves much of SCP-086's history blank.

SCP-086 is potentially capable of changing the universe on a fundamental level, but its abilities are severely hampered by its disability. The changes it makes are presumably an attempt to make the world conform to how it perceives things: pigmentation in all objects has a tendency to shift and flow, utensils and tools take on strange shapes, and sounds will emanate from no discernible source. These effects have demonstrated a range of approximately ten meters.

SCP-086 has also shown the ability to spontaneously generate matter. Nebulous objects have been noted to appear, particularly after sessions in which SCP-086 has been doing an sort of creative activity, such as coloring or finger painting [See EXPERIMENT LOG 086-1]. Most of these object remain for less that a few minutes before vanishing again, though some have been recorded as staying for several hours. Because of this, SCP-086's holding cell has been gradually stripped of all materials that may be used for these purposes. None of the created objects move further than SCP-086's line of sight, leading to Dr. ████████'s theory that SCP-086 is literally creating phosphenes, possibly caused by the contrast of the colors from the arts and crafts and the white walls of its cell. Further testing is required to determine if this is true.

SCP-086 was recovered from what is believed to have been its grandparents' home in rural ███████████, where it had apparently been left since their deaths in 19██ from a presumably unrelated accident. One local banker and two real estate agents were assessing the property when they encountered SCP-086. Their failure to return prompted local police to investigate. After █ subsequent disappearances, the Foundation was alerted, and Special Task Force ██████ was reported to investigate. Upon their arrival, [DATA REDACTED]. Subsequently, Dr. ████ suggested that [DATA REDACTED], leading to SCP-086's capture.

Addendum SCP-086-T

During the last ██ years, the amount of containment procedures for SCPs with similar effects have drastically increased, due in part to the efforts of SCP-086's containment staff. However, due to [DATA REDACTED] and the increasing presence of [DATA REDACTED], we have no other choice but to authorize the termination of SCP-086. [SEE ADDENDUM: SCP-086-00T, Neutralization]

Experiment Log 086-1:

Test subjects entering SCP-086's radius of effect during active hours later reported highly distorted vision, auditory and sensory hallucinations, inability to control their motion, and a tendency to repeat actions. After removal of subject, these effects seemed to have lessened, but repeated exposures seem to extend the duration. Presumably, continual exposure would result in the permanence of these symptoms. The severity of and type of symptom seems to relate directly to what part of SCP-086's scripted program was being enacted.

For the purposes of this testing, subjects were chosen for a resemblance to people in photographs recovered from SCP-086's home in 19██. A slight family resemblance with the passive state appearance of SCP-086 was inferred from the photographs, and three Class D personnel (D-1922, D-921, and D-837) were selected.

On ████ 17, 19██, testing was scheduled to determine how SCP-086 would react to certain events, specifically those which have shown flexibility in the past, being manipulated. After the failures of D-1922 and D-921 to elicit positive reactions, D-839 entered the enclosure. The highlights of this testing are listed below.

Date: ████ 18, 19██
Subject: Coloring
Procedure: D-837 entered SCP-086's enclosure at ██:██ P.M. Previous information discovered during recovery suggested that this was a specific time when SCP-086 would be at a low point for negative activity. D-837 entered and placed three crayons on the table: one (1) red, one (1) blue, and one (1) yellow. This was followed by a piece of plain white paper. SCP-086 examined each crayon before changing the yellow one to green and proceeding to color. After exactly ██ minutes, SCP-086 ceased coloring and proceeded to the wall of the enclosure, beginning to follow it. D-837 exited the enclosure before symptoms could worsen.
Details: D-837 complained for several days of visual hallucinations, all of which were the color green. No other symptoms were noted. D-837's termination temporarily delayed due to SCP-086's seeming acquiescence to her presence. Testing with D-837 will continue.

Date: ██████ 2, 19██
Subject: Finger painting
Procedure: D-837 entered SCP-086's enclosure at the same time as all previous tests, only having replaced the previous crayons with finger paints of the same colors. SCP-086 was initially hesitant, but eventually changed the color of the yellow paint to green, as in all previous tests. SCP-086 proceeded to paint for several minutes until, at ██:██ P.M, he ceased and proceeded to the wall of the enclosure, beginning to follow it as usual. D-837 exited the enclosure.
Details: D-837 has been experiencing an increase in the symptoms of SCP-086 exposure. After the small change in today's schedule, D-837's vision is entirely tinted green.

On September 17, 20██, D-837 was killed during a breach of SCP-███. The next day, when D-837 did not appear in its containment unit, SCP-086 became extremely agitated, resulting in [DATA REDACTED], causing the death of two research subjects currently contained in its effect radius. Replacement for D-837 may be necessary.

Date: September 20, 20██
Subject: Finger painting
Procedure: D-18274 entered SCP-086's enclosure at the same time as all previous tests with both the crayons and the finger paints. D-18274 was chosen for her resemblance to D-837. For the first time, SCP-086 chose multiple colors, mixing them together on the paper. Additionally, SCP-086 breached its script more severely than any other time, coloring for an additional ██ minutes.
Details: Upon D-18274's emergence from SCP-086's enclosure, D-18274 began demonstrating many of the previous habits observed in D-837, including [DATA REDACTED] and a tendency to whistle show-tunes. After two additional exposures, each mirroring the first, D-18274 is essentially the same person as D-837. Blood tests confirm apparent genetic match. D-18274 is reclassified as D-837. D-837's delay of termination is refiled.

ADDENDUM SCP-086-00T: Neutralization

On January 17, 200█, Dr. ████ entered SCP-086's containment chamber during its passive state and administered an injection of ██████ and ██████, resulting in SCP-086 first completely ceasing breathing and then ceasing all other recorded bodily functions. Autopsy reports show that the subject died of anaphylactic shock. Remains are remanded to Site-██ and are available for study.

SCP-086-A: Script
Times below are accurate within one minute of SCP-086's schedule. More detailed scripts (including number of footsteps taken and times recorded to within one tenth of a second) are available upon request to Dr. ████. This script was slowly imposed on SCP-086 over a course of seven weeks by Agent ███████ and Dr. █████. Any and all deviations must be noted to help in maintaining the efficacy of this containment procedure.

8:43 A.M. - SCP-086 awakes, walking northward from its bed to the wall. SCP-086 will then walk the circumference of its wall eight times, then continue for an additional walk until reaching the exact southern point of the room.

9:11 A.M. - SCP-086 will face the southern wall.

9:51 A.M. - SCP-086 will turn abruptly and walk to the middle of the room. It will then stare at the ceiling light. SCP-086 MUST NOT BE DISTURBED DURING THIS PERIOD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES See Incident Report SCP-086-3Z

10:38 A.M. - SCP-086 will return to its bed and stare at the North-West curve of the wall. Floating color based images can be observed at this point.

11:41 A.M. - SCP-086 will get up and walk to the table, kneeling at it. For the duration, SCP-086 can be approached. SCP-086 should not be spoken to during this time.

12:58 P.M. - SCP-086 will stand and proceed to the eastern most wall. It will then follow the circumference of the wall sixteen times.

1:43 P.M. - SCP-086 will suddenly turn sharply, return to table quickly, sitting and kneeling again.


3:43 P.M. - SCP-086 will return to its bed and lay down, opening and closing its eyes.

4:15 P.M. - SCP-086 will leave its bed and return again to the table. It is safe to approach SCP-086 at this time. SCP-086 should not be spoken to during this time. SCP-086 should not be approached at this time. See Report SCP-086-7N and additional termination report of D-1922.

5:30 P.M. - SCP-086 will enter its dangerous phase. For the duration of this stage, it will exercise its abilities, changing colors, randomly generating objects, and running about the room. Dr. ████████ seems to believe that this is some kind of "tantrum" that SCP-086 used to throw everyday. Regardless, this is the one period of time that constant, vigilant observation must be made.

5:38 P.M. - SCP-086 ceases its tantrum and will lay on its bed, apparently crying again.

5:47 P.M. - SCP-086 will get up from its bed and walk to the northern most point of the room. It will then cross to the southernmost point and back again. From this point until it enters its passive state, SCP-086's behaviors are more erratic, with a few exceptions noted below. Agent ███████ and Dr. █████ were unable to modify this section of SCP-086's behavior beyond a few points, including:

Between 6:00 P.M. and 6:45 P.M. - SCP-086 will scream and hit the surface of the table.

Between 6:30 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. - SCP-086 will manifest an object of some sort. Generally, this object appears to be a misshapen clump of dirt, wood, or metal. No analysis has been attempted due to SCP-086's unpredictable nature during this period.

Between 7:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. - SCP-086 will cease breathing and fall to the floor for approximately seven minutes.

Between 6:00 P.M. and 9:15 P.M. - SCP-086 will manifest a number of small objects, and proceed to arrange them in size from largest to smallest. Occasionally, SCP-086's innate abilities will manifest, causing the objects to shift in size, leading to extreme agitation and anger as they no longer follow the pattern. If the objects fail to stabilize, execute protocol █████, and immediately notify Dr. ██████.

9:21 P.M. - SCP-086 will return to its bed, laying down, closing its eyes, and entering a passive state.

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