General comments from Photosynthetic:

  • While I could like the general idea — a creepy mummified fetus thing that could take orders in exchange for some unsettling or outright horrifying price — this one reads too much like a D&D magic item. It's too useful, and the containment procedures seem almost built around that fact. Seriously — this thing is an indestructible, inhuman, implacable, supernatural servant capable of walking through walls etc., and they're just locking it up and telling people they're not allowed to use it? I don't buy it.
  • Always avoid grab-bag powers. If there isn't a good reason for it to have each and every one of its abilities, it shouldn't have them.
  • You've got some really good photos here, but I think you've used too many of them: the article is getting cluttered. I would cut it back to that first picture, of the inactive one, plus the "alleged photograph of active SCP-XVX" at the very bottom. Those two are the most effective by far. Brr, creepy. O_o
  • You imply repeatedly — saying it can "die", calling it an "organism" — that this thing is alive, but don't really follow up on it or treat it as a living threat. It's a bit confusing.
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Inactive SCP-XVX-1 during the purchase from Mr. █████

Item #: SCP-XVX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, instances of SCP-XVX are to be contained in airtight containers packed with silica gel and stored inside a locked safe. Access to this safe requires Level 2 security clearance or higher, plus written approval from Level 3 personnel. Use of SCP-XVX is strictly limited to research purposes, as it poses significant danger to users. Any misuse is grounds for severe reprimands and possible reassignment.

SCP-XVX is not to be exposed to direct sunlight under any circumstances. Personnel must handle any instance of SCP-XVX with utmost care when it is removed from its container. Only D-class personnel may handle SCP-XVX directly during testing. Any command made during the experiment, verbal or otherwise, is to be strictly monitored.1

Description: In its 'inactive' stage, an instance of SCP-XVX appears as a mummified fetus-like object2 measuring 20 to 25 cm long. It is inanimate, and therefore harmless, when inactive. It is rather fragile in this state: exposure to direct sunlight causes it visible damage. While SCP-XVX instances can recover from damage over time, exposure to sunlight for extended period of time will cause them to 'die'.3

"Dead" SPC-XVX-2

An instance of SCP-XVX must be immersed in water for an hour for it to enter ‘active’ state. When active, SCP-XVX's size increases by 300% and it becomes fully autonomous. It also displays problem-solving capability indicative of high cognitive function. SCP-XVX will form a ‘bond’ with the first person it sees upon emerging from the water and will obey any command the person issues.

An active SCP-XVX displays a wide variety of abilities, which it uses to carry out the bonded person's orders. These include, but are not limited to, phasing through solid objects, invisibility, short-range teleportation, size manipulation, shape-shifting, and wall-walking.4 As instances of SCP-XVX do not exhibit any kind of direct offensive ability, they are more suited for tasks that require stealth, such as theft or sabotage.5

When SCP-XVX successfully fulfills an order from a bonded human, it will ask for a prize. Subject will usually ask for [REDACTED] or [REDACTED]. It is known that SCP-XVX can cause [DATA EXPUNGED].6 Once it receives the requested item, the subject will return to its inactive state.

Although it possesses only the speed and strength of a 3-year old human child, an activated SCP-XVX is indestructible. Active SCP-XVX have shown the ability to reattach or regrow broken body parts. The only way to disable an active instance of SCP-XVX is to expose it to a strong heat source, which will dehydrate and deactivate it.

SCP-XVX-3 during purchase from Mr. █████

Addendum: [SCP-XVXa]
Currently, the SCP Foundation has three instances of SCP-XVX in containment, designated SCP-XVX-1 to SCP-XVX-3. As of ██/██/████, only SCP-XVX-1 and SCP-XVX-3 remain in Foundation custody. It is thought that many instances of SCP-XVX remain unaccounted for, as they are relatively easy to produce. The procedure to do so involves [DATA EXPUNGED].7

Alleged photograph of 'active' SCP-XVX prior to containment
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