Super Secret Apop Stuff


His first thought was of the child, no doubt moments before bouncing cheerfully in Santa's lap, giddy with excitement that they would finally get that perfect toy, now screaming, desperate to untangle themselves from half of a torso. His second thought marveled at the timing; they'd use the heavy grade amnestics now, for the sake of the poor child. And as the aperture from AI:64Ψ-0012 closed, terminating the visceral scene with a squelch, Christopher's third thought congratulated himself for choosing Eastland Mall; hundreds of families echoed the screaming child, their collective shock building rapidly into hysteria, their bodies pumped full of adrenaline and cortisol.

Primed for induction. But only for a moment.

Attention, confusion, idea, root, and more confusion. Just like she'd taught him. Such a remarkably simple process brought a stillness to the crowd, as their panic was caught, bottled, and stowed in their subconscious minds. All of their attention was focused on him, for exactly 48 seconds.

Christopher allowed himself a moment to reminisce.

AI:19Σ-5248 "Satan's Megaphone"
AI:64Ψ-0012 "Dumbass Portal Gun"

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