Sting Auer

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX and anything that it produces are to be kept within the former site-██ D-class dormitory, where it is currently contained. The area is to be kept on lockdown and all doors, air vents, drainage pipes, or waste removal piping is to be sealed until SCP-XXX can be dealt with See addendum XXX-A

SCP-XXX and SCP-XXX-3 is to be held within a 10cm cast iron box inside a 5x5x3 meter, air-tight, double airlock storage room with sealable ventilation ducts. In order to combat a potential containment breach, a gas system designed to incinerate the contents of the room is to be kept in good repair.

Description: SCP-XXX has the appearance of a small yellow paper box with a square pull-out spout. The box seems to contain an indefinite amount of baking soda (Hereby known as SCP-XXX-1). Chemical tests have shown that SCP-XXX-1 is regular baking soda and shows no anomalous properties.

Attempts to view the inside of the box are not possible. Light seems to stop at the opening to the spout, and SCP-XXX shows rapid regenerative abilities. All attempts to damage SCP-XXX or create openings apart from the spout already installed are met with an inability to cause damage faster than the box can repair itself.

On the face of the box opposite the spout is a small black dial with a white marker growing in size towards one end, similar to a volume dial on a radio. As this dial is turned clockwise, SCP-XXX dispenses a substance that gradually becomes darker and more viscous, hereby known as SCP-XXX-2. SCP-XXX-2 that has already left SCP-XXX is unaffected by the dial being turned.

When the dial on SCP-XXX is turned to full, a faintly audible click is heard and a small mass of a substance resembling SCP-XXX-2 exits the spout. This substance is hereby known as SCP-XXX-3. It should be noted that SCP-XXX will cease to dispense until the dial is returned to its lowest value.

SCP-XXX-3 is capable of movement in a similar way to an amoeba. It extends an arm and moves the rest of its body into it, stretching itself across a surface then pulling itself along.

SCP-XXX-3 is a very powerful base, and exhibits an ability to digest any biological substance that it can engulf, seeming to prefer plant matter over animal or fungal matter. It almost immediately uses any digested substance to grow, and its mobility increases with its size. SCP-XXX-3 has shown no weaknesses to anything short of high explosives SCP-XXX-3 is extremely sensitive to fire (See addendum SCP-XXX-A).

Addendum XXX-A: During initial testing to determine the anomalous properties of SCP-XXX, SCP-XXX-3 escaped containment through a small ventilation duct near the floor of the testing chamber. Site-██ was put on lockdown and sealed off from the outside to prevent SCP-XXX-3 from exiting the facility. SCP-XXX-3 navigated to the D-class Dormitory and rapidly grew by first consuming the decorative plants, then attacking the D-class living there. The dormitory was sealed off and the doors reinforced to prevent further casualties. At this time, SCP-XXX-3 was large enough to fill the main hall of the dormitory and several of the rooms. A team of guards was instructed to enter Dormitory A and were monitored through surveillance camera. They were equipped with chemical weaponry to attempt to damage or incapacitate SCP-XXX-3. Their firearms had little effect on SCP-XXX-3, but their acidic grenades were more damaging. Regardless, they could not stop SCP-XXX-3 and all but one was consumed.

The surviving guard was surrounded by SCP-XXX-3, but there was an area around him that SCP-XXX-3 would not open. The surviving guard was smoking a cigarette, and was instructed to light one of his matches and throw it into SCP-XXX-3. SCP-XXX-3 quickly withdrew from the lit match and would not make an attempt to move towards it.

A new team of guards equipped with flamethrowers was quickly dispatched and entered the Dormitory. Upon contact with the fire, SCP-XXX-3 quickly solidified and the affected part shattered from the main mass. SCP-XXX-3 was quickly cleaned up and the waste incinerated.

Following this event, a gas system was installed into the storage area for SCP-XXX that was capable of incinerating the contents of the room.

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