Summarized Experiment Log 1052-E

Experiment: Small quantity of SCP-1052 removed from tank into test tube, and pure alcohol added.

Result: Subject(s) broke down on the cellular level after 47 seconds.

Experiment: Small quantity removed and placed into beaker A. Beaker then heated to affect evaporation of water.

Result: Microbes remained, inert.

Experiment: Continuation from last experiment. Half quantity scooped out immediately after full evaporation of water, into beaker B. Beaker A re-hydrated, duration since dehydration 7 seconds.

Result: SCP-1052 in beaker A remain inert; insertion of organic material illicit no response, even after prolong observation. Subject incinerated.


Experiment: SCP-1052-1 in beaker B from previous experiment rehydrated and placed in the same containment room as main SCP-101052 mass, but not in the same containment unit, for long term observation.

Result: Subject remain inert as of writing.

Experiment: Small quant of SCP-1052 removed from tank into beaker, then re-introduced 5 minutes later into tank, at a spot away from main mass.

Result: Both mass re-integrated soon after.

Experiment: [Data Expunged] introduced into the tank.

Result: Subject subsumed, leaving only bone and teeth. SCP mass increased by ███.

Experiment: ████ introduced into tank.

Result: [Data Expunged].



Experiment: [Data Expunged] introduced into tank.

Result: No effect. SCP-1052 inert.




Experiment: [Data Expunged] introduced into tank ████.

Result: SCP-1052 subsumed subject this time.

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