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The Kodoha Site wasn't the biggest Site the Foundation had to offer, but it sufficed. It was a coastal facility off the Yellow Sea, 50 kilometers from Nanking. Outlying the Site is a small fortress, dubbed Salvero fortress. It was constructed in response to Japanese aggression in China.

Since 1937, the steamroller known as the Imperial Japanese Army marched through China unimpeded. Kodoha Site sat in the crosshairs. IJAMEA, the Empire's Occultist organization, has long sought after the Site in hopes of gaining its anomalous holdings. The Japanese now grow closer by the day.

It is with this information that our story begins.

In the mess hall of Kodoha Site, Head of Security Yves Leitner drank his morning coffee with two of his colleagues. The first was Bryce Amboy, a young officer hailing from the Northeast. The second was Arthur Cheshire, a similarly aged British officer who wore circular glasses.

The British officer wiped the condensation from his glasses before talking to Yves.

"Hey Commander Yves, did you get any word from the higher-ups? I saw another cluster of Chinese vehicles going south. Japs must be awfully close."'

Bryce chimed in after Arthur.

"Yeah, I heard that the Chinese have ordered a full retreat to Nanking."

"Where would you get such an absurd idea like that?"

"I have a friend who's a war correspondent, he knows tha-"

The bickering was cut off by Yves.

"Quiet! Both of you!" He hollered in his thick Scotsman tone. "If you two are so curious, let's take a trip back to Salvero and we'll check for any incoming transmissions. Sound good?"

The two nodded in confirmation. With a plate of scrambled eggs, Yves walked out of the mess hall. Bryce and Arthur followed closely in tow.

The short Commander opened the door, the two taller men behind him peeled off in separate directions. The fortress was a mess, its floor was strewn with documents. The desk of Commander Yves was occupied by empty plates and mugs with half-drunk coffee.

"Say, Commander, where's the radio?" The tall Brit inquired.

"It's over there, fiddle with the frequency, you'll find it eventually," Yves said, seated at his desk eating eggs.

While Yves shoveled eggs onto his fork. Bryce was helping Arthur fiddle with the radio frequency.

"Lemme help ya with that, see?"

The radio hummed to life, it's static fading as a clear signal was sent through. A man was speaking, and they seemed to have tuned in just in time.

This is Admiral Jao Lang, my vessel has been requisitioned for the evacuation of you and your equipment. I ask that this be done immediately, as my ship is prone to air and naval attacks at any given moment. As for the personnel of your fortress, I have a different task.

Yves put down his plate of eggs before running to the radio. Cranking up the volume so Bryce could hear, wherever he was.

I have been informed that there is barely anyone in your fortress. I want you to assemble a skeleton crew to defend the fortress. The evacuation hinges on holding the fortress as long as you can. You’ll get the all clear from me once everything has been evacuated. Good luck, we’re depending on you.

At that moment, their request was answered. Bryce walked up the stairs with two people being held in a chokehold. He let go and they stumbled onto the floor.

"The Ivanon twins? Hungover? God must've answered our prayers but misheard us in doing so."

Yuri, the older one by two minutes, spoke up in a slur.

"Boy, isn't it good that we're here Commander?"

Yves buried his face in his hands.

"Arthur, do you know anyone else we can get?”

“Hm, there’s Briggs, he can pilot that seaplane we have in the hangar. Oh! What about Samuel, he’s-“

“I’ll make an announcement to Kodoha Site, hopefully, I’ll rouse enough volunteers.”

“There’s no need Commander, five is the minimum amount needed to defend the fortress.”

“What about means of escape?”

“We can get the help of Briggs and his seaplane.”

“Alright then, let’s clean up, we have Imperial visitors arriving soon.”


Bryce and Vlad, the younger Ivanov twin, were given the task of preparing defenses for the fortress. In doing so, they struck up a conversation

"So, Vlad, you've never told me where you're from."

"I am from a small city in Kamchatka, Petropavlovsk. Our father lived in Moscow but moved Far East during the civil war. My mom was fleeing east too, she was from Petrograd. That's how they met. Can you pass me that barbed wire? Thanks. Anyways, she had me and Yuri a week after they arrived in Petropavlosk. What about you, Yankee?"

"Ah, I'm from Hoboken, it's a town south of New York City."

"I've heard about that place, do they really have buildings that stretch to the sky?"

"Absolutely, me and my friend Finn would sneak out of school and take the train to the city. What about you? You do any mischief in Petro-whatever it is?"

"A little, me and Yuri are identical, so he'd go to my classes for me. We'd take turns stealing bread from the vendor."

"Oh geez, is it really that bad in Russia?"

"No, no, not where I lived, our parents are well off. We'd usually be like Robin Man and give food to our classmates. Agh, we’ve stalled for too long, let’s get back to work, shall we?”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Inside the fortress, Yves was communicating with Kodoha Site.

“Freddy, can you hear me?”

Over the clammer and commotion of the evacuation, Director Freddy could still be heard.

“Yeah, I hear ya loud and clear Yves.”

“How’s the evacuation?”

Freddy yelled back a response.


“It’s alright, we’re still preparing defenses, when’ll you be finished?”


Yves was still digesting the message when Bryce ran into the fortres, followed by Vladimir.

“Yves! We saw them, the Japanese.” He said in between breaths.

“It was a small scouting party, one truck, two people at most.”

“Shit, they’re coming sooner than expected, get Arthur and Yuri. They’ve been loading ammo all day. Tell Briggs to ready his defense just incase. Ivan, i need you to call command and tell them the Japanese are already here. Way ahead of schedule.”

“Yes sir.”

“Alright, well I think we’ll be fine so long as-“

His sentence was interrupted by two bullets hitting the outside the fortress.


While everyone else listened to Yves order, Bryce grabbed his rifle and blindly fired out of the concrete slits.

“Ivan, get Arthur and your Brother. I’ll sound the alarm! Hurry!”

Ivan crawled downstairs before breaking into a full sprint.

“Alright, Bryce, I need you to peek out. Not for too long, just tell me what you see.”

Bryce looked out for a split second, a volley of bullets hit the wall moments later.

“I see about five Japs, and two more in a truck.”

“Okay, any weaknesses, vulnerabilities?”

“I’m pretty sure there was a barrel in the front, looked like an oil drum.”

Armed with a rifle, Yves

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