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The Kodoha Site wasn't the biggest Site the Foundation had to offer, but it sufficed. It was a coastal facility off the Yellow Sea, 50 kilometers from Nanking. Outlying the Site is a small fortress, dubbed Salvero fortress. It was constructed in response to Japanese aggression in China.

Since 1937, the steamroller known as the Imperial Japanese Army marched through China unimpeded. Kodoha Site sat in the crosshairs. IJAMEA, the Empire's Occultist organization, has long sought after the Site in hopes of gaining its anomalous holdings. The Japanese now grow closer by the day.

It is with this information that our story begins.


The buzzer on my alarm jolted me upright. I only wake up this early for one reason…scrambled eggs! There wasn't a rush though. Instead of a two-minute shower, I gave it ten minutes. Then got changed before walking to the mess hall. It was still dark out. The few people in line were yawning.

I snagged a spot in line between two of my officers. Bryce Anderson and Wesley Chesire. I don't know much about them. I think Bryce is from the States, and Arthur is from Portsmouth.

The queue was moving faster. Two eggs were on my plate by the time I was truly awake. We sat down at one of the benches. Arthur and I poured a cup of tea for each other. Bryce got coffee, typical yank.

Arthur decided to start some small talk. Whenever we weren't shoveling eggs and sipping our beverages.

"Hey Commander Yves, did you get any word from the higher-ups? I saw another cluster of Chinese vehicles going south. Japs must be awfully close."'

Bryce chimed in after Arthur.

"Yeah, I heard that the Chinese have ordered a full retreat to Nanking."

"Where would you get such an absurd idea like that?"

"I have a friend who's a war correspondent, he knows tha-"

There they go again, arguing all the damn time. I was hoping to enjoy this breakfast. It’ll have to wait

"Quiet! Both of you!" I hollered at them, my Scottish accent taking command. "If you two are so curious we'll take a trip back to Salvero and check for any messages. Sound good?"

The two nodded in confirmation. I picked up my breakfast, signaling the pilgrimage to Salvero.


I've never wanted to say it out loud, but Commander Yves scares the ever loving daylights out of me. Despite how short he is, Yves can instill fear into anyone. He lead the way to Salvero. Bryce and I glanced at each other.

The silence was broken when the Commander stepped into Salvero. I sprinted for the radio. Fiddling with the frequency. I passed over some Chinese news channels. The radio was now tuned into the Foundation frequency.

I looked around the room. Yves was still eating his eggs. Bryce was nowhere to be seen, he must have wandered off. I'll crank up the volume.

Attention Foundation Personnel, this is a message from Overseer Command. Our recent talks with IJAMEA to keep Kodoha Site have broken down. This means that Japan is sending a full division of soldiers to take over the site. We cannot allow our anomalies to fall into hands of those who intend to do harm.


I went to the basement to look for weapons. That wasn't what I found. Instead, I received a gift in the form of the Yuri Ivanov's vomit on my boots.
"Get up, you two!"


Yuri slurred in his hungover state.

"It's so good to see you."

He slumped into my arms in a stupored manner. For five minutes, I herded him upstairs. This is oddly reminiscent of Newark. My friend Finn would get wasted on bathtub gin—Every weekend would end in carrying him upstairs.

“Found Yuri Ivanov!”

I was shushed by Yves immediately. Which meant whatever announcement going on was more important than this.

This is exactly what we built Salvero Fortress for. A skeleton crew will have to be assembled by your leading Commander. Time is of the essence, godspeed Kodoha Site.

What the? Salvero Fortress? Skeleton crew? Godspeed Kodoha Site.

"Commander Yv-"

"Bryce…Yuri…I don't know how to put this. We're going to be defending this fortress in a few hours against Japanese troops."

"We're going to WHAT?!"

"Yep, and get Yuri some black coffee, he needs to sober up before the siege."

"Uh, Captain…"

Arthur pointed into the distance.


I had little time to react after Arthur saw IJAMEA. Yves was already laying down suppressive fire. There were important things to tend to first. I ran to the radio, establishing a line with Kodoha Site as fast as I could.

"This is Bryce! I repeat this is Bryce Sanders."

"We hear you loud and clear Bryce, what is the issue?"

"IJAMEA arrived early! They never wanted to negotiate. It was a ploy! Arthur Cheshire, Yves Leitner, and Yuri Ivanov are-"

An artillery shell shook the fortress.


DAMN! IJAMEA cut communications. I can only hope my transmission got through.


The gunshots began as I fell asleep. It's like Kolchak all over again. I sluggishly grab my rifle. My hair falls onto my face as I gather up the ammo sprawled over the floor. I have a handful of bullets in each hand, and a rifle tucked beneath my arm.

I chuck my weapon to the upper level. My back was aching after that hangover. I cursed as I grabbed my weapon. Stumbling into a snipers nest.

There’s a long day ahead.


I sprayed a flurry of bullets, Pretty sure I hit nothing but air. Damn! Out of ammo. I reached for another magazine. Which made me duck down from where I was shooting. As fate would have it, a flurry of bullets hit that same area. Lucky me.

I pre-fired a spray of bullets before surfacing my head once more. A precautionary measure that seemed to work quite well. Switching to single fire on my SMG. I picked off an artillery team at the tree line. Time for the fireworks. A bullet pierced the box of artillery shells, lighting up the area. I yelled to Arthur, still trembling from the shells.

“Arthur! Get to Kodoha Site! You can take the service tunnel!”


I sprinted to the stairwell, nearly getting knocked off my feet by another artillery shell. I bolted downstairs. Coughing up the asbestos shook loose from the artillery.

There is a bulkhead to my left, I twist it open and glance inside. Dimly lit, probably covered in cobwebs too. I can do this, just count to three.

1…2…Screw it!

I run in a straight line, orange lightbulbs guiding my way. Even down here I could feel the vibrations from the bombardment. Within minutes, I stumbled out of the darkness and into a bright white light. I made it to Kodoha.


Just my luck. First they cut my comms—now my sector of the fortress! It’s crawling with Japs. There's no way I can take them out guns blazing. I pull out my hunting knife that Finn stole from an army surplus store. The first one to die is a soldier guarding the entrance. He doesn’t have time to react.

I change into the soldiers uniform. It’s a tight fit but it’ll do. The knife is tucked into its holster. Nonchalantly, I open the bulkhead and walk in. There are five soldiers. I blend in by keeping my head down, the ploy works. I am now one of them, I silently stake out a soldier out of earshot and eyesight.

He goes down fast, I hide his body under some ammo crates. Shit! Another soldier must’ve seen the commotion.

At the end of the struggle, another body is hidden under the ammo crates. The last three are bunched together. It’d be best to drive them off rather than take down all three.


Another Japanese soldier falls into the crosshairs of my rifle. I pull the trigger and take another swig of coffee. The sun is so damn bright today. I squint while lining up another shot. The trigger is pulled, the soldier tumbles to the ground.

There is a lull in Japanese soldiers to my eyesight. I take a breath and rest my eyes. Thinking back to my time serving Kolchak, this was my line of work. Except it was colder. Far colder, I’ve been taking this Chinese heat for granted.


Kodoha Site was in a frenzy. Engineers were scurrying into the basement, picking up boxes. They failed to notice me. I had to get up on my own, fueled only by willpower to sprint up the stairs. Once again, no one noticed me.

Everyone in Kodoha Site was assisting in the evacuation. None the wiser of the commotion unfurling nearby. Security guards and workers alike were carrying whatever they could.

I pushed my way into Kodoha Site. Brushing my way past everyone evacuating. Reaching the office, I pushed open the door. Standing before me was the Site Director and Manager. Both of them were frantically issuing orders across the site.


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