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“Are you sure you want to do this Mr.Leitner?”

“Please, just call me Henry, and yes. I’ve never been more sure in all my time as a diplomat.”

Henry Leitner, the short, stocky diplomat sent from Canada to the jagged coast of Maine assured his sureness. The two sat in silence for most of the ride, his assistant peering out the window of their steam train overlooking the sea. The sleepy coastal towns untouched by the civil war raging hundreds of miles away. Every once in a while they’d pass by an army truck, full of injured soldiers. Sometimes a bomber would fly overhead.

That was none of their concern, they were on their way to Portland, Maine. More specifically, they were on their way to Portland to go somewhere else. A layover flight more or less, they were taking an extra dimensional trip.

When the train stopped in Portland, the two stepped off. The fog hung low, the suns first shafts of light barely peaking through. A tall, thin man awaited their arrival. The man, dressed in a black suit, waved to them.

“Mr.Leitner! It’s me, Alfred, we spoke on the tele. Remember?”

Henry Leitner ran down the stairs, his assistant in close pursuit.

“You’re Jonathan Dresden? Yes I do remember!”

“Wonderful, can you come with me. Your assistant can come too.”

The two nodded and followed John Dresden. They walked around the quiet coastal city, following an odd path that led them to the back of a non descripit building. There were symbols chalked into the ground, with objects randomly assorted.

“Uh, do me a favor and move that rock a bit to the left.”

Henry did so, and a dizzying white flash opened up a portal right in front of them. The man in the black suit seemed unphased as he pulled the other two inside the Three Portland’s.

The three men stepped out to the buzzing extra dimensional town. Henry could notice the change immediately, the town was awake. Unburdened by a civil war. Henry’s assistant was dismissed temporarily. Leitner and Dresden went to a café and sat down on the outdoor terrace.

“Now, Mr.Leitner, this is where the real discussion begins."

"Wouldn't a meeting of this magnitude be a bit more discreet?"

"Trust me it will, ah here she comes now."

A waitress walked up to them, pen and notepad in hand.

"Anything I can get for you gentlemen?"

"Uh yes…" Jonathan glanced at the nameplate on the waitresses apron, "Amelia, can I get a quarter pounder with extra cheese, bacon, lettuce, and errrr…well done please?"

The waitress nodded at the two of them.

"Come with me."

"This is the Portland Command, somehow hidden in one of the most compact dimensions yet.”

Henry stared in awe at the Command Centre, gazing at the bustling cell of activity. Above them, a map of the world showing places highlighted in red.

“Please, take a seat Henry, we’re waiting on you.”

Seated under the map of the world was a grouping of Canadian diplomats, British Generals, and Henry Leitner.

“Gentlemen, I know why you’re here. Your King, bolstered by the passing of C-7, has begun planning for the invasion of the Home Isles. He has been exploring every possible option, and thusly, the Three Portlands is one of those options. We, as in Three Portland’s, are still considering to let troops through our realm in order to send an invasion force to the Isle of Portland. So go on, convince us.”

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