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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX should be kept in a cell measuring 3m x 4m x 2.5m at Site-88. A standard Foundation Faraday cage should be maintained at ███ volts per meter at all times, with two backup generators kept on standby should the primary power unit fail. No personnel below clearance level 2 are permitted to interact with SCP-XXX and no personnel below clearance level 3 are permitted to run experiments involving SCP-XXX.

Personnel are strongly advised not to allow SCP-XXX or its extrusions to pass through themselves or equipment (see Addendum XXX-2).

Description: SCP-XXX was sighted on ██/██/08 by motorists driving on █-██ in the American state of [REDACTED], attempting to get around downed power lines, and was apprehended by Foundation agents using a mobile Faraday enclosure. SCP-XXX was successfully contained on ██/██/08 at Site-88.

SCP-XXX is an intangible, apparently sapient entity measuring 187 cm in overall height, with an exterior similar in color to calcium carbonate. It has a conical body with a spherical head. A flat disc bearing three dark spots where eyes and a mouth would be arranged on a human face is found near the head. The 'face,' head, and body hover independently of one another at a constant of 8 cm through means that have not yet been established through testing. It is capable of hovering above solid ground at heights between 1 and 122 cm.

Testing indicates that SCP-XXX lacks internal structures such as bones or organs, produces no heat, and is unaffected by extremes in temperature. SCP-XXX does not speak but is capable of producing sounds, including hissing, clicking, and 'sighing'. When agitated it emits a high-pitched hum that may not be audible to some individuals.

While it does not always have apparent limbs, when presented with an object, SCP-XXX may manipulate it using between 1 and 24 tangible flagelliform extrusions from its center mass. Research describes these extrusions having a texture similar to marble. The extrusions are not visually present when not in use, and their exact number varies depending on the stimulus. SCP-XXX is capable of using the extrusions to directly stimulate the human [DATA EXPUNGED].

When unstimulated for several hours, SCP-XXX will enter a dormant state. In this state, SCP-XXX's segments come together and rest on the ground. Normal behavior resumes when stimulated by sound or light.

Addendum XXX-1: If SCP-XXX is allowed movement outside its enclosure or breaches containment, it will move in a south-southwestern direction at a steady pace of 6.5 kilometers per hour, passing through all organic and inorganic matter with an output of less than ███ volts. The process by which SCP-XXX accomplishes this is not fully understood. SCP-XXX is unable to pass through electrical fields with an output of greater than ███ volts. When not contained, it will deviate from its course in order to negotiate electrically charged obstacles, after which it will pause for a brief period to reorient itself before continuing on its course. Six months after these initial tests, SCP-XXX was allowed outside its enclosure again and followed. It continued to follow a south-southwestern path. —Dr. Uchtdorf, ██/██/09

Perhaps it is tracking something in orbit around Earth, or an object that is so far away that it's accounting for lack of parallax. —Crack, ██/██/09

After last night's power outage, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Additionally I am requesting that something be done about SCP-XXX's kleptomania. —Uchtdorf, ██/██/10

I've installed another backup generator and increased the voltage on the Faraday cage. There shouldn't be any more trouble. —Conagher, ██/██/10

Addendum XXX-2: During routine testing on ██/██/11, one of SCP-XXX's extrusions made prolonged contact with Researcher Llewellyn's head. Llewellyn fell into a tonic-clonic seizure. An emergency response team returned SCP-XXX to its enclosure and began seizure response procedures on Llewellyn. CAT scans later showed extensive damage to Llewellyn's thalamus and left cerebral hemisphere, which may or may not be permanent. Testing of the effects of SCP-XXX's extrusions on D-class are hereby approved for all level 3 personnel. —Dr. Uchtdorf

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