Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6776 is to be contained in three stoppered 200mL vials, in a locked container. Any equipment that could be used to inject SCP-6776 into any cardiovascular system is not to be stored in the same container.

Description: SCP-6776 is currently 522mL of what is chemically and biologically identical to human blood. SCP-6776 manifests no anomalous properties until it has made some degree of contact with a cardiovascular system of any living creature. However, once SCP-6776 has been introduced in any form into an actively circulating blood stream, SCP-6776 will lie dormant for up to a week, at which point blood pressure in any affected areas of the contaminated body will abruptly peak at over 120,000/90,000 mmHg. In the event that an entire cardiovascular system has been compromised by SCP-6776, this will usually result in the body bursting, creating a further biohazard. See Addendum 6776-1.

If only a portion of a body was compromised (not via injection, but rather incidental skin to skin contact), only the blood pressure in regions of the body within the vicinity of 15 - 25cm will be subject to the abrupt and possibly fatal change in pressure.

Anyone in the presence of SCP-6776 and any equipment that could be used to inject it may be internally suggested to do so; the effect appears memetic. While the effect is resistable, it has been described as "powerful". However, if needles and other such equipment are not present, the desire to inject does not manifest.

Addendum 6776-1: On 11/6/2003, security cameras and many witnesses near Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Oregon witnessed a male appearing to spontaneously explode. Trace amounts of blood were seen on surfaces over 600 feet away. The Foundation deployed MTF Iota-4 ("Vampire Hunters") to administer amnestics. A sample was not able to be taken at the time, as there was heavy rain.

On 11/12/2003, the arm of an adolescent woman had burst, releasing a similar bloodspatter, with anomalously high volume and with similar distance as noted a month prior. MTF Iota-4 captured the woman (hereafter SCP-6776-A), and after being given adequate treatment to stop blood loss and close the wound as though the arm was amputated, was given a brief questioning. When asked if she came into contact with any "weird blood" lately, she mentioned that she had touched blood that had splattered against a bank in downtown Portland, Oregon about a week prior. SCP-6776-A reported that she was suffering from migraines, a sense of vertigo, and that her arm was slow to respond consistently, "as if I had hit my funny bone a lot", she noted to the interviewer.

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