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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The inert forms of SCP-XXX of all types are to be kept
in individual and clearly labeled glass cases when not in study or being used medically.
Individuals deliberately exposed to SCP-XXX 1, 2, 3, and hybrids require no additional
containment or monitoring beyond what they normally require, save that they must report for
regular testing, and must surrender all XXX waste products to foundation control. Such
individuals are to be kept away from non exposed amputees whenever possible, to prevent
unintentional spread of SCP-XXX-2 and XXX-3. Unintentional exposures to XXX-1, 2, 3, and hybrids
are to be removed, the infected area sterilized, and if needed, termination of the infected

Description: SCP-XXX are a series of small metallic object object of various shapes,
usually spheroid, which are slightly warm to the touch. When handled by or exposed to a person
with all limbs intact, SCP-XXX shows no unusual reaction. When exposed to the end of an limb
missing the equivalent of a hand or foot or more, SCP-XXX activates, transforming from a
spheroid lump of warm metal into a living metal analogue of the missing portion of the limb,
including sensory capabilities, in a manner of seconds. In the event that the limb was
immediately severed, the wound closes instantly, and shock is averted. Later autopsy of excised
prostheses revealed that while metallic in origin, the arms created contain analogues to the
circulatory and nervous systems and muscle structure of the original organism, and in all cases, a small but
identifiable amount of brain matter, identified in 100% percent of examined cases as
having the exact DNA that of the exposed subject.

In the case of SCP-XXX-2, the living metal continues to grow over and will actually consume the
remainder of the limb it was attached to, converting it entirely into living metal. In addition,
exposed individuals will act recklessly, in ways more likely to cause them to lose additional
limbs, and thus require more applications of SCP-XXX, until all available limbs have been
replaced, after which the reckless behaviour lessens until ceasing.

SCP-XXX-3 not only continues to consume and replace the exposed limb, it eventually consumes and
replaces the entire individual, initially replacing all injured areas with a metallic analogue,
eventually turning the entire organism into living metal, complete with metallic organs
fulfilling the same functions as the original organism.
In all cases, infected subjects require an increased intake of metallic supplements to their
sustenance, with XXX-3 subjects deriving nearly the whole of their nutritional intake from
metallic and inorganic compounds.

Test Log:


[00:25] <Ryushikaze> And then have a test where two versions are exposed to the same subject
[00:28] <Ryushikaze> Ooh, cross contamination expiriment with this idea and the clockwork


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