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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a padded shipping crate, on a pallet, in a high-value item secure storage locker at site-YY. SCP-XXXX must not come into direct contact with more than one (1) person simultaneously during transport and handling. If this occurs and produces an active state in the object the remaining personnel must immediately touch the silver area on the surface of SCP-XXXX, one at a time, until the active state is ended. If this does not end the active state, the site director must be notified immediately.

SCP-XXXX is extremely dense, weighing nearly one thousand kilograms (1,000 kg) despite its small size. SCP-XXXX is only to be transported with the use of mechanical assistance, such as a forklift, to minimize strain and injury risk to staff.

Destructive testing of SCP-XXXX is not permitted due to the object's potential containment applications.

The use of emotionally disturbed subjects as SCP-XXXX-2 requires 05 approval after the results of experiment [DATA REDACTED].

Cross-testing with anomalous entities possessing space and time affecting properties requires O5 approval due to the potential for containment breach. The use of SCP-XXXX to contain any anomalous entity is to be considered a last resort, and requires site-director approval.

All test subjects intended for use as SCP-XXXX-01 must be outfitted with a GPS tracking device capable of logging their location and autonomously transmitting that information to the Foundation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a gold hemisphere approximately twenty-five (25 cm) in diameter and weighing nearly one thousand kilograms (1000 kg). There is a small depression at the top of the hemisphere, and a copper pannel and a silver panel on opposite sides of the hemisphere. The depression acts as an indicator light, emitting violet light during the active state, and the colored panels act as control surfaces, designating participants and beginning and ending the active state.

Scratch samples taken from the surface areas of SCP-XXXX indicate that they are alloys of gold, silver, and copper as their appearance suggests. The object appears opaque to all forms of radiation that have been used for scanning, including neutrons. Sonic imaging produces inconsistent results. Because the object is slightly less dense than the gold alloy constituting its surface it is assumed that it cannot be solid and must possess an internal structure or composition of some kind.

In its inactive the device appears completely inert and displays no anomalous properties other than its radio-opacity. When a different sapient creature is brought into contact with each of the distinct panels on the surface of SCP-XXXX the device enters its active state. The subject in contact with the red panel immediately disappears, and is hereafter designated SCP-XXXX-1. The indicator on the top of the device begins to emit a violet light and continues to do so for the duration of the active state. The subject in contact with the silver panel experiences no readily apparent anomalous effects and is hereafter designated SCP-XXXX-2.

The active state persists until SCP-XXXX-2 is again brought into contact with the silver area of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX-1 immediately reappears in contact with the red area of SCP-XXXX, the indicator light extinguishes, and the active state has ended.

Attempts to create more than one (1) simultaneous instance of SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-XXXX-2 have met with failure.

During the active state SCP-XXXX-1 experiences repeated teleportation recurring on the order of seconds to minutes, and in some specific circumstances, hours. SCP-XXXX-1 has, to date, always appeared somewhere on the surface of the Earth and never appeared in a location that would be inherently harmful to it, such as underwater, in midair, or in climates where it could not survive. During normal operation SCP-XXXX-1's teleportations appear to occur randomly between approximately 30 seconds and 2 minutes after arrival at a new location. Locations selected vary, but tend to be densely populated by large crowds of unrelated people such as public squares, transit stations, fairs, and stadiums. Despite this, bystanders rarely remark on the anomalous arrival of SCP-XXXX-1. Any emotional arousal in SCP-XXXX-1 including aggression, fear, anticipation, and disgust leads to an immediate teleportation and an increase in the frequency of subsequent teleportations proportional to SCP-XXXX-1's level of emotional arousal.

SCP-XXXX accommodates the physical needs of SCP-XXXX-1 by delivering them to locations where they can be met, and by delaying teleportation as needed. Such delays have been observed to last up to 6 hours. Note that SCP-XXXX still shows a preference for crowded locations, and will still immediately teleport SCP-XXXX-1 at any sign of emotional arousal. If a location, such as a crowded locker room, produces emotional arousal frequently enough that it prevents SCP-XXXX-1 from fulfilling the associated physical needs empty locations will eventually be selected instead.

Recovery: SCP-XXXX came into foundation custody during a raid on the household of Mexican narco-lord and known collector of anomalous objects M[arco Torres Hernandez] in pursuit of SCP-[Data Redacted]. The object was in its active state at the time of recovery. The object was noted because it was found in a prison and interrogation area despite its apparently decorative nature. A member of the household responsible for the maintenance and interrogation of prisoners offered to demonstrate the object's anomalous properties in exchange for leniency. He then deactivated SCP-XXXX, causing the sudden arrival of a Hispanic woman in her mid 20's, later identified as [Mariana Consuela Teresa Llanas]. At the time of her arrival she was clutching a notebook and pen, wearing mismatched and disheveled clothing but suffering no significant injuries or illnesses. She was suffering from extreme psychological disturbance, showing flattened affect, paucity of speech, and a reluctance to acknowledge the presence of any other human being. Despite this, she willingly surrendered the notebook. Treatment with amnesiacs was successful in restoring partial psychological function but rendered her unsuitable for interviewing. All people captured in the raid were treated with amnesiacs and released to local law enforcement after interviewing. Relevant portions of the journal recovered along with [Mariana Consuela Teresa Llanas] have been translated from the original Spanish and reprinted below:

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