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Item #: SCP-2254

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2254 is to be kept within a 10 meter by 10 meter humanoid containment chamber that is to be guarded and monitored at all times. This room must always be well-stocked with reading material & toys. (see Document 2254-IC for a complete inventory of these items), as well as basic amenities for humanoid SCP's. SCP-2254 is only cooperative in its containment half the time, and as such it can be allowed to make several requests, which may be approved within reason. Requests granted include: dietary specifications (Pizza, various junk foods, and lemonade. Granted), clothing capable of altering to accommodate augments (Granted), large quantities of Foundation documents, books, and art supplies (Written in English. Granted), and permission to spend time outdoors (1 hour allowed every 2 days. Granted). Access to SCP-2254 is restricted to personnel with clearance level 3 or higher.
SCP-2254 is to be given medication as needed, but no more than maximum dosages determined by Dr. Dumount. Personnel who enter SCP-2254 containment room for any reason must be unarmed and should wear puncture-resistant body armor. Heavily armed guards must remain outside and out of sight of SCP-2254. In case of containment breach, security personnel are to alert Site Administration, place Incendiary devices in the apparent path of SCP-2254, and maintain a clear zone of 25 m around SCP-2254. In any case of SCP-2254 becoming violent , personnel are authorized to incapacitate SCP-2254 using sticky foam (care must be taken to avoid smothering SCP-2254). Because SCP-2254 generally responds violently to injury or attack, security personnel should refrain from using lethal force or otherwise injuring SCP-2254 if at all possible.

Description: SCP-2254 is a 16 year old humanoid male of Irish-Italian descent which has undergone drastic physiological augmentations. These augmentations consist of functional gill-like structures on either side of the neck, enhanced strength, several uncatalogued anomalies within the digestive and cardiorespiratory systems, as well as extreme body modification capabilities, and regeneration. It has been noted that SCP-2254 is mistrusting of a moderate portion of personal, and great lengths should be taken to avoid manipulating SCP-2254, as it will cease cooperating with any that attempt to do so. It will always cooperate with those who bring SCP-2254 music.

The augmentations of SCP-2254 occasionally form spontaneously in preparations to events that have yet to occur. This appears to be a limited form of precognition, and is purely instinctive. SCP-2254 has stated that its enjoys personal conducting testing, and states it could escape containment, if it so desired. This is believed to be adolescent bolstering. In SCP-2254 possesses the ability to change its shape, mass, volume, density, chemical structure, and voice to any form that it desires. Currently, there is no known way to permanently damage SCP-2254. The extent of its shape-shifting abilities is unknown, and is currently thought to be unlimited. It's preferred transformations are chains similar to those of SCP-070 growing from it's back, and metallic gauntlets. The chains have been observed to fold and extend, shoot out and whip around at high speed (both individually and collectively), and anchor their arrowheads into concrete, wood, and various other materials. While SCP-2254 has not displayed much overt hostility to personnel, it will often react violently to excessive taunting & threats by lashing its chains out at assailants, and using its other transformations in creative ways. The most effective means of subdual has proven to be sticky foam or netting (non-lethal weaponry), which can reliably ensnare SCP-2253 from a safe distance.
Typically, SCP-2254 must rest after approximately 18 hours in flight, underwater, and 12 days in combat. Augments of SCP-2254's digestive system allow it to survive on a diet consisting mainly of fruit and carbohydrates, SCP-2254 burns approximately 5000 calories a day, and must consume massive amounts of food to remain at it's typical weight. SCP-2254 has been observed to have extremely high strength, speed, and reflexes, though exact levels vary with its form. SCP-2254's regenerative capabilities and resilience are staggering, and SCP-2254 has been seen moving and speaking with its body 90% destroyed or rotted. SCP-2254 has stated it is incapable of removing its gills, even when shape-shifting, however it is capable of relocating them elsewhere on its anatomy. It's been noted that when SCP-2254 cooperates with personnel, it is strangely courteous, this is believed to a result of upbringing, and is not anomalous, as originally believed.

Discovery: SCP-2254 was recovered in ███████, Western Italy, after Foundation contacts within the Italian government passed along several reports of a “Demon child" made by locals near the area in which it was found. This area, formerly a village known as █████████, had been the location of massively destructive flooding, caused by the Italian government’s demolition of the ██████████ Dam eight weeks before SCP-2254 came into Foundation custody. SCP-2254 was found in a state of severe fatigue, and upon initial contact with the recovery team was exceedingly hostile and sporadically aversive, but after having the nature of its containment explained to it, has been mostly cooperative.

Below is a transcript of an interview between SCP-2254 and Senior Researcher Breccias, who is the only researcher SCP-2253 will fully cooperate with. Interview was conducted on 8/17/20██, four days after SCP-2254's containment.
Interviewed: SCP-2254

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Breccias

<Begin Log>

Senior Researcher Breccias: Good afternoon young man, can you answer some questions for me?

SCP-2254: Fire away man, what would you like to know?

Senior Researcher Breccias: What were you doing in the area where we found you?

SCP-2254: To begin with, I was on vacation with family. Later, That’s where the men left me.

Senior Researcher Breccias: What men?

SCP-2254: The Broken God dudes. They told everyone that to complete something, they had to break apart the dam and flood the town, and that some of us would have to go with them. I didn’t want to go, but we all were given no choice. 30 of us, not counting me, went with them.

Senior Researcher Breccias: Where were they taking you?

SCP-2254: If I knew, I'd tell you man. They said they would take the men first, to finish work on the temple they were bringing us to. They loaded us into trucks, and we couldn’t see outside. They drove for hours before stopping to unload us. They said they needed to inject us with something before we would be allowed in the place, but they drugged us. I passed out. I don’t remember much after that.

Senior Researcher Breccias: Try to tell me what you can remember.

<SCP-2254 begins to show signs of emotional distress and is asked if it would like to end the interview. SCP-2253 declines.>

SCP-2254: The area they kept us in was dark, loud, and hot. All they ever said was stuff in Latin and how one of us would become a vessel for their god. I knew better than to call bullshit. They kept us sedated most of the time, but I remember lying on my stomach, strapped to a table and looking up at people wearing surgical masks. The only thing I clearly remember is being held under water, and watching some of the others drown.

Senior Researcher Breccias: How did you get away from that place?

SCP-2254: I didn’t. One day I just woke up in a flooded scrapyard where the place used to be. I was covered in clockwork armor until i pried it off. I guess whatever they wanted to do to me didn't work, and they threw me out, like a broken toy.

Senior Researcher Breccias: Can you tell me why you attacked our agents that had been sent to collect you?

SCP-2254: I was scared, dude. I thought they were more of the guys from that damn church, I wasn't gonna be taken again. When they explained what was happening I was so grateful that they were taking me somewhere safe, and I apologized for being a dick . You guys are taking care of me, keeping me safe. I am so glad to be away from that place.

<SCP-2254 shows further signs of emotional distress and is unable to continue.>

Senior Researcher Breccias: I think we can end here for now. Thank you.

<Senior Researcher Breccias rises and begins to leave .>

SCP-2254: Do you think you think you guys could hire my mom, so she could visit, now & then?

Senior Researcher Breccias: I'll see what what the higher-ups have to say.

<End Log>

Addendum 2254-1: Incident 2254-1

At the site of SCP-2254's recovery, agents discovered 90 graves, each approximately 1 meter deep, and marked with stones. After recovery of SCP-2254, these graves were summarily exhumed, and the bodies of 52 women, and 38 children were found. Examination of the remains indicated drowning as the cause of death, with the exception of the children whose skulls bore signs of gunshot wounds. When SCP-2254 overheard this, it became agitated once again, and attempted to breach containment.

Addendum 2254-2: Incident 2254-2

On ██/██/████, at 03:36, SCP-2254 breached containment. Security personnel were advised that SCP-2254 appeared to be asleep, and were ordered to not engage SCP-2254 and to keep others away. By lashing and anchoring chains into the walls and ceiling in front of it, SCP-2254 was able to carry itself (still apparently asleep) through Site-██. SCP-2254 broke into the food stores of Canteen 5 and proceeded to gorge itself on the available food and water. Almost nineteen minutes later, apparently sated, SCP-2254 returned to its containment room. At no time did SCP-2254 appear to wake up; SCP-2254 claimed no knowledge of the event afterward.

Addendum 2254-3: Personal Background

Interviews have revealed that SCP-2254 is named █████████, and is capable of reciting the correct Social Security number for a US citizen of the same name and age. SCP-2254 claims to live in ██████,Florida. Attempts to locate those responsible for SCP-2254's creation has, so far, proven unsuccessful. SCP-2254 has expressed an interest in SCP-001, SCP-2273, MTF Omega-7 and various humanoid SCPs in the past.1

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