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Item #: SCP-1234

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1234 is to be stored in a armored storage vault, disassembled with each part having a minimum distance of one (1) meter to each other part. Due to SCP-1234-1 inability to utilize SCP-1234's abilities without a host, no more containment procedures are needed.

To prevent Incident-1 from reoccurring, the door is to be connected to a low-energy electricity circuit to awake everyone opening the door without preventing truly opening it.

All subjects used in testing are required to wear a collar equipped with remote controlled explosives, to kill the subject and stop SCP-1234 if SCP-1234-1 proves uncooperative.

Description: SCP-1234 is the collection of six (6) parts that together form a sort of high-technology powersuit, apparently made specifically for equines. SCP-1234 has been able to shape-shift and telekinesis among other things. When dissembled, SCP-1234 contains nothing more then cables that are connected to the outer parts of the armor, but the true source of it's power has currently not been found. SCP-1234-1 however has stated that it has nothing to do with SCP-1234's power, and merely controls them by using the current wearer of it as a puppet.

SCP-1234-1 is a sapient entity living in SCP-1234. According to it, it has no connection to SCP-1234 other then it was created from SCP-1234-1, what it means by that is not yet understood as all other questions to its or SCP-1234s origin are avoided by the excessive use of expletives. SCP-1234-1 shows extreme disdain against humans, calling them "inferior" and sees any form of equines as underdeveloped.

SCP-1234 exhibits no movement and is apparently unable to do anything without a subject wearing it. Due to the unique form of SCP-1234, using equines as subjects is encouraged and preferred. If a creatures fully wears all 6 parts on it's body, SCP-1234 activates, and -1 overtakes the hosts consciousness . -1 seems to try to get full control over SCP-1234, but is hindered by the subjects subconscious and emotions. -1 has only been able to completely overtake a subject if it sedated or otherwise unconscious.

SCP-1234-1 is able to speak fluent English, and shows interest into the foundations work of protecting the general public, but has shown no interest in cooperating with "lowly primates".

SCP-1234 was recovered after it rampaged through [REDACTED], and was recovered after it collapsed on a street section. It was later revealed that the subject wearing SCP-1234 died from suffocation, and SCP-1234-1 stated later that it sealed all air access to the subject, to prevent further chaos. The human equipping the subject with SCP-1234 could not be found.

Initial Testing of SCP-1234:

Interviewed: SCP-1234-1

Interviewer: Researcher ███████

Foreword: This is the first time SCP-1234 got assembled, and the existence of SCP-1234-1 was not yet known. Researcher ███████ was overlooking 2 D-Personnel applying SCP-1234 to a previously sedated Equus ferus caballus, a domestic horse.

<Begin Log>

███████: Okay, now put the head part on, and connect it to the main body.

SCP-1234-1: Ahhhhh, oh good, it's sedated. That makes it a lot easier.

███████: mumbling to himself and writing on a paper SCP-1234 apparently allows the subject to speak English, most likely comes with increased intelligence too.

SCP-1234-1: Hey, SCP guy, want to do something more then scribbling on your paper there?

███████: SCP? How do you know of the Foundation?

SCP-1234-1: One of you [EXPLETIVE] primates talked about the foundation when you picked me from that street and brought me here.

███████: I supervised the transport of you here, but we didn't pick you from a street nor did anyone spoke about the SCP Foundation during the transport.

SCP-1234-1: I am not that weird horse you stuck into me!

███████: You're not? Interesting… ███████ writes again into his research papers

SCP-1234-1: Hey, could you please stop scribbling in that thing already? I am talking to you!

███████: I am a researcher, and I am here to conduct research on you. I have to write the findings somewhere. I would like to know, what you are, since you are apparently not the subject.

SCP-1234-1: I am the armor that's standing in front of you!

███████: So how comes that you rampaged through [REDACTED], but are speaking so calmly to me?

SCP-1234-1: That fucking horse that fat guy stuck me on, freaked out and started running around. Took me a hell long time to manage to close the airvents.

███████: What do you experience when something puts you on?

SCP-1234-1: What is this, a interrogation?

███████: Please answer the question.

SCP-1234-1: What if I don't?

███████: Then we will kill the subject.

SCP-1234-1: Awww, kill the poor horsey if you want. I don't care.

███████: Where did you come from?

SCP-1234-1: Someplace none of you [EXPLETIVE] primates ever will see!

███████: Again, where did you come from?

SCP-1234-1: I already answered that, [EXPLETIVE]!

███████: Next question, we examined your armor, but couldn't find any sort of power source. What powers you and keeps you alive?

SCP-1234-1: Magic.

███████: That's not really an answer.

SCP-1234-1: Take it, or leave it.

███████: Who created you, or how did you end up in this armor?

SCP-1234-1: I was forged in the fires of oblivion to defeat all that evil that lurks upon the planes of existence, and the greatest magicians and mechanics advanced my powers to this here state!

███████: What?

SCP-1234-1: Didn't see that coming, did you? Oh look, the sedation is starting to wear off, I don't want to share my body with one of these again, so good bye!

███████: Wait, what do you mean?

SCP-1234 stopped answering at this point, and all personnel in the room reported the smell of burned flesh, followed by SCP-1234s deactivation. Subject turned out to be cooked alive inside of SCP-1234 and died from extreme heat. No change in temperature was noticed in the room.
<End Log>

Incident SCP-865-1

SCP involved: SCP-1234
Date: █/█/██
Location: Site-██
0:46 am: Researcher ███████ arrives at Site-██ at this, for him, unusual hour, but was let in by the guards. Guards later noted ███████ behaved strange.
0:58 am: ███████ appears on the security camera in front of SCP-1234 containment cell, and proceeds to enter.
1:23 am: ███████ reappears from containment cell, and walks back towards the exit, walking erratic and differently then before.
1:26 am: ███████ stumbles and lands on the ground.
1:36 am: ███████ manages to get back on his feet, and continues walking towards the exit.
1:45 am: ███████ comes across Agent ████, who knows ███████ and proceeds to give him a pat on the back. Agent ████ then clutches his hand, and ███████ turns into SCP-1234, loses his right fore arm, and collapses on the ground. ███████ found inside of SCP-1234, apparently sleeping. SCP-1234 admitted affecting ███████, who is a known sleep walker, into coming into his containment cell and donning, while stating that he "will never ever control a [EXPLETIVE] human again". How SCP-1234 was able to influence ███████ in his house over such a distance is not yet deduced. The guards who let the sleepwalking ███████ in have been severely reprimanded.

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