Test Log SCP-1119

Test log #1, SCP-1119-1, Date ██/██/████, Time 3:47

Test subject, D-89059, is a Hispanic male, 37 years of age.

Dr. Fall: Please approach SCP-1119.

D-89059 Approaches the phone. As he approaches, the phone starts to ring.

Dr fall: Please answer the device.

D-89059 Hesitates, then picks the phone up.

D-89059: Hello?

The voice speaks but is inaudible.

Dr fall: Please put the device closer to the microphone.

D-89059 draws the microphone closer.

It sounded as if the voice was talking backwards. Dr fall activated the recording device.
The voice sounded like a middle aged woman, approximately 30-45 years of age. There is an abundance of static, but the voice is unaffected.
As the call ended, D-89059 is instructed to put the phone down. While departing the cell, D-89059 collapsed. After examination, D-89059
expired. the cause of death was a cardiac arrest.

The tape was given to Dr. fall and Dr. █████ for further examination. Playing the tape, Dr. Fall examined the voice as talking backwards.
Playing the tape backwards, the voice was audible.

SCP-1119-1 : Hello, James █████, my son, its been awhile since I have seen you. But thats okay, because I know now that I will see you soon.

The following was documented and further research is required.

Test log #2, SCP-1119-2, ██/██/████, 5:32 PM

Test subject, D-0323, Is a Caucasian male, 43 Years of age.

Dr. Fall: Please retrieve the phone from the box.

D-0323 approached the box.

Dr. Fall: Please take the phone out of the box.

D-0323 Stops, staring at the phone. He proceeded in picking it up.
As soon as he picks it up it starts ringing.

D-0323: Should I answer it?

Dr. Fall: Please.

D-0323 then puts the phone to his ear.

D-0323: Hello?

SCP-1119-2: Hello Jonah █████, You have been randomly selected from █████ to receive a FREE PRIZE!

D-0323: …Ok, what did I win?

SCP-1119-2: In the next 24 hours, a box will be arriving containing your prize! Thanks for entering the sweepstakes, enjoy your prize!

24 Hours later a box did indeed arrive to Dr. falls office, with the label "For Jonah █████." Dr. Fall proceeded to bring the prize to D-0323 for testing.
D-0323 then proceeded to open the box, its contents included a model SCP-087 staircase. The was confirmed to not have any anomalous effects, but whenever looked at, It reportedly darkens everything around the subject looking at it. Further research is required.

What kind of prize is this? If I entered a sweepstakes, I would want to win a car or something, not some stupid staircase! - D-0323

Test Log #3, SCP-1119-3, ██/██/████, 8:37 PM

Subject: Dr. █████. Dr.█████ was caught trying to take SCP-1119 from the premises without proper documentation.

Dr. Fall: Please remove the battery of SCP-1119.

Dr.█████ proceeded in removing the battery of SCP-1119. As soon as the battery is successfully removed, it starts to ring.

Dr. Fall: Please answer the phone.

Dr.█████ stated that there is something strange about the number.

Dr. Fall: Noted, Please answer the phone.

As Dr. █████ answered the phone, the power cut out. When it flickered back on, SCP-1119 is missing, but Dr. █████ remained in the same area.
Then a very deep voice rang out in the room.

SCP-1119: You shouldn't have done that…

The lights cut out again, but this time they stay off. After approximately 30 minutes the turned back on. Dr. █████ was still in his original position, looking distressed.
SCP-1119 was back in its box, and the box was locked with some strange lock.

2 hours passed, and Dr. █████s skin started to peel off. After 30 minutes, Dr. █████s skin was falling off of his bones. He was executed, then [DATA EXPUNGED]. The skin was retrieved and Dr. Fall examined that [DATA EXPUNGED] was applied to his skin, possibly by SCP-1119-3. More research is required to find out what type of lock is on the box, but testing is ceased until further notice.

I gave the box to 05-████, and 05-████ for further research. My job here is done. - Dr. Fall.

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