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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a standard containment storage unit with two(2) different sets of locks. Each set is to require a key card and a password. The passwords and the keys are to be kept separately by the Head Researcher (currently Dr.Thane) of the object and his assistant of minimum Level 3 security clearance. The passwords are to be changed weekly and are not to be shared under any circumstances, even between the two(2) password-holders. Failure to comply with the protocol is a ground for a severe disciplinary action, including a possible demotion to D-class.

Despite its lack of anomalous properties when not in active state, the object is not to be kept with other low-maintenance SCP objects. It is to be kept isolated and must be guarded at all times by two(2) armed security personnel who are oblivious to its nature. They are to terminate any unauthorized personnel attempting to approach the object.

All testing involving this object require direct approval of the Head Researcher regarding the request for the testing. The request submitted must contain the exact wordings of the inquiry that would be inserted into the SCP, the intention of the said inquiry and a hypothesis of SCP's reply. The Head Researcher is recommended to oversee every testing of the object. When an Event-2 occurs, the researcher in charge of the particular testing is to inform the Head Researcher immediately should he not be overseeing it.

In case of an occurrence of Event-2, Mobile Task Force Psi-13 is to cease their current assignment, if any, and to be fully committed to ascertain the nature of the event by any possible means necessary unless otherwise commanded.

Description: SCP-XXX is a box of dimensions 20.0x20.0x20.0(cm) that bears a close resemblance to a typical suggestion box. There is a 7.0x1.0(cm) slit at the top side which serves as an opening for inquiries to be inserted through and the bottom side functions as the lid for retrieval of the replies. Written above the slit is a phrase "All answers are born from questions."

The object was acquired from [REDACTED], in ██-██-20██, following a lead by a planted agent at the location. The owner of the object, who had been using it as a mean to accomplish his academic assignments, was administered Class-B Amnesiac.

Any writing of inquisitive nature inserted into SCP-XXX is from hereon referred to as an ‘inquiry’. Any answer given by the object to the inquiry is from hereon referred to as a ‘reply’.

The anomalous effect of the object is triggered only when an inquiry is inserted into it via the aforementioned slit. Every inquiry inserted will cause either an Event-1 or Event-2 to occur. The determining factors in an occurrence of Event-1 or 2 are the nature and the complexity of the inquiry.

When the inquiry is sufficiently simple, Event-1 occurs. In an Event-1, a reply appears beside the inquiry within ten(10) minutes after an insertion of inquiry and no further anomalous incidents takes place. If the writing material containing the inquiry lacks the surface to fully contain the reply, writing material of identical chemical make-up will be produced by means unknown. SCP-XXX gives a reply to every inquiry, regardless of the inquiry’s nature. The Event-1 will occur to both mundane, opinion-based inquiries such as "What's good for dinner?" as well as inquiries that requires some degree of specialized knowledge but is simple to calculate such as "What is the maximum range for the ██████-███ for it to retain a minimum of 90% accuracy and 100% lethality, assuming no course deviation of the bullet due to drag force by the air currents or gravitational force acting on it?"

An occurrence of Event-2 takes place when the inquiry inserted is adequately complex or is considered thought-provoking in general. Personnel are to assume that an Event-2 is in progress if a reply fails to appear within ten(10) minutes after the insertion of inquiry.

Event-2 is a situation in which SCP-XXX manipulates the events in real world to perform an experiment, utilizing any possible method available, which will provide it with the information to solve the inquiry. Depending on the nature of the input, the resultant Event-2 experimentation varies. Once the experiment is over, the reply will appear in the manner identical to that in Event-1. In all Event-2s, the effects caused by the object are removed partially, by means both explicable and inexplicable, after a week of completion of the experimentation.

SCP-XXX seems to learn from every inquiry. Analysis of the replies to select inquiries specifically inserted to gauge its intelligence indicates it currently possesses IQ of 124, above the mean IQ of general populace. It has a preference towards inquiries of philosophical nature than those of scientific.

Due to the illusive and potentially catastrophic nature of Event-2s, all personnel are advised to avoid inserting inquiries likely to trigger an Event-2. It is strictly forbidden to insert an inquiry into SCP-XXX that consists of paradoxes, time travels or mentions the Foundation in any method and form.

Note: I want all who work on this SCP to discard the belief that we are working with a simple object here. I'm pretty sure there's some sort of an entity behind it; a consciousness that causes the experiments to happen and replies to us through the box. Therefore, do not be alarmed when the reply to your inquiry seems a little informal. In fact, start worrying if it is formal. Generally, we take that as a sign the entity is unhappy with you. - Dr. Thane

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