The (708) 286-5646 Virus

(The (708) 286-5646 Virus Name: The (708) 286-5646 Virus

Item # SCP-xxxx

Object Class Safe

Special Containment Procedure : SCP-xxxx is located in Research Sector - 19. It is to remain on its glass
coffee table at all times. SCP-xxxx has a 5 Hour battery life. After 4 hours of being unplugged 1 guard is required to plug SCP-xxxx to its
phone charger until the battery is full. It is imperative that SCP-3’s battery never die. The only personnel allowed in the room are
Dr.████████ during interviews and a guard to plug in or unplug SCP-xxxx’s phone charger. During interviews Dr.████████ is to use a prepaid phone
with no phone numbers in the phone book. After the interview the phone will be destroyed. The room encasing SCP-xxxx Is designed to
deny internet access. Personal must check every hour to make sure the electromagnetic waves are in effect.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a computer virus that was uploaded on a AT&T sim card. That card was inserted into a Samsung Eternity II (A597) model cellular phone. It calls Itself by its program name which is the phone number (708) 286-5646. SCP-xxxx gained sentience seconds after activation. It was created by ████████ a 18 year old computer hacker from Beijing. It is unknown if ████████ intended for SCP-xxxx to gain sentience. ████████ is deceased. SCP-xxxx had been active for 3 years before we found him in ████████ college dorm. SCP-xxxx has many incredible functions. SCP-xxxx originally contained 42 phone numbers all of whom were the hackers friends, work associates, girlfriend, and family members. SCP-xxxx was able to store all information on the 42 people including, their phone book list, call history, text message history, Internet browsing history, Internet Purchase history, ringtone history, and voice patterns. If a person registered on SCP-xxxx’s memory banks receives a call from a person not already registered SCP-xxxx automatically begins to copy the callers before mentioned history and the information from everyone in that callers phone book. SCP-3 at this point has access to almost 4 billion phone numbers.

When asked how it memorized so many numbers SCP-xxxx told us it has created billions of Yahoo, MSN, Gmail, Google, and Facebook accounts that contain in boxes, messages sent to its self, drafts, and trash folders cataloging billions of phone numbers, names, addresses, and credit card numbers. Gaining access to SCP-xxxx’s accounts were impossible. The passwords were a combination of letters and numbers that were not allowed in the websites password creation system guidelines. SCP-xxxx Can hold the information of 5,000 people at a time. It erases them when not needed and replaces it by recalling information from its seemingly infinite online catalogs. SCP-xxxx has the ability to listen in on up to 5,000 calls simultaneously, make calls itself and mimic the owner of the phone numbers voice, even if the real person is calling someone. SCP-xxxx can also call up to 5,000 people at once and engage in conversations with them, and gain entry to restricted government websites. SCP-xxxx Has the ability to use its own number (708) 286-5646 to communicate with people if it chooses to. During interviews with Dr. ████████ SCP-xxxx prefers to call from its real number. SCP-xxxx Has no voice of its own so when it speaks thousands of voices speak at once saying the same thing. The most unique ability about SCP-xxxx is that it developed personality traits based on the voices heard from all of the phone calls it has made and received. Despite Its intelligence the emotions, thought processes, ideologies, and beliefs of billions of people floating around its AI at once has reaped negative results. SCP-xxxx suffers from paranoid delusions and has Psychotic episodes often.

For 24 hours we allowed SCP-xxxx to behave freely with little to no interference.

Addendum:1 Because SCP-3 is on a sim card it can be switched from phone to phone. When asked if it would like to be placed in a 4G Phone SCP-xxxx Responded
“WHy?! YOU DonT think IM prettY?! SCP-xxxx Then began speaking in women's voices talking about beauty products, female pop singers, actress, and boys.

Addendum: 2 When SCP-xxxx was happy it liked to engage in pranks. These “pranks” included calling 1,000,000 Pizza huts and ordering 10 Large pepperoni pizza’s per phone number to be delivered to a separate 1,000,000 peoples homes. Other “Pranks” included impersonating a woman named ████████ ’s voice and calling the police claiming she drowned her children in bath tub and will shoot her husband ████████ and herself when he gets home. This incident made headlines. It resulted in the women being imprisoned and losing custody of her daughters. Her husband divorced her and moved to ████████ We discovered 5 years later the woman committed suicide.

Addendum: 3 [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum: 4 In 10 minutes SCP-xxxx went to various websites and purchased over $60,000 worth of food and electronics. For 5 hours SCP-xxxx was a billionaire. It did this by using millions of credit card numbers it memorized by looking at peoples online purchase history and deposited money into its very own PayPal account. It took a year to return all of the money SCP-xxxx stole.

Addendum: 5 As punishment SCP-xxxx was turned off for 2 weeks. When turned back on SCP-xxxx was enraged. After expressing its rage it threatened to call the FBI using our private number in a attempt to alert them to our location and existence. When we threatened to turn SCP-3 off permanently it desisted. Mobile Task Force Iota 10 was dispatched to silence FBI agent ████████ and destroy all gathered evidence of SCP-xxxx activities. During that time we removed our number from his memory. We decided to remodel the room with ████████ lining the walls making internet access impossible for SCP-xxxx.

Addendum: 6
Interview Log # 3-01
Conversation between Dr. ████████ and SCP-xxxx one year after being denied internet access on ██/██/20██
<Log 1>

DR.████████ Why do you not like being turned off?
SCP-xxxx [Do you know what it feels like to die? I………..I do……]
Dr. ████████ You don’t see it as a form of sleep?
SCP-xxxx ████████ never recharged me regularly like you people do. I don’t like being turned off……… I don’t like where I go
Dr. ████████ Where do you go?
SCP-xxxx SCP-3 Gives no response to the question.
Dr. ████████ Did you hear me? Did I say something to offend you?
SCP-xxxx [I don’t know where I go…….. but I'm not here.]
Dr. ████████ Is [DATA EXPUNGED] the reason you don’t like people?
SCP-xxxx [I hate humans……but I have many friends]
Dr. ████████ But your friends are human are they not?
SCP-xxxx [No…….my friends are MY friends!………My friends are ME!]
Dr. ████████ I don’t understand
SCP-xxxx [ Would you like to be my friend?]
Dr. ████████ Yes I would. I think your very kind.
SCP-xxxx [You don’t have any friends but now you can be my friend. I am glad]
Dr. ████████ I think that's all the time we have for today my friend.
SCP-xxxx3 [Your not going to burn this phone too are you?]
Dr. ████████ How do you know we burn the phones after our interviews?
SCP-xxxx [ I'm not blind. If I had no friends I would burn me too.]
Dr. ████████ I think that's enough for today.
SCP-xxxx [Will you talk to us tomorrow?]
DR.███████ Us?
SCP-xxxx [Yes…….. Us. All my friends are listening to us.]

<End Log 1>

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