The anosognosic Piano
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a soundproof storage room. Use of SCP-XXXX is discouraged, but Foundation Employee D-32154 has clearance to use SCP-XXXX at his discretion.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Grand Piano dated to the mid 19th century.
When SCP-XXXX is played, sounds produced will be out of tune with the western musical scale (A-G#). Analasys of individual strings revealed keys are exactly 67 cents apart in tone. Any attempts to tune SCP-XXXX are unsuccessful; as one key is tuned, all other keys will adjust as well.

While being played, SCP-XXXX will sound in tune with the western musical scale to the player. The player is able to perform any song, even if the player has no musical training (See Addendum SCP-XXXX.1).

SCP-XXXX will alter how the player hears music, causing any other songs heard by the player to sound out of tune. If an individual who has played SCP-XXXX attempts to play any other instrument, (s)he will complain that the instrument is out of tune and attempt to tune it. With instruments such as the guitar where individual notes cannot be adjusted to be 67 cents apart, the player will not attempt to tune the instrument. If individual notes can be tuned, such as the string on a harp, the instrument will continue to stay out of tune despite being tuned identically to SCP-XXXX. Additionally, if a subject is recorded while playing SCP-XXXX, and the recording is played back to the individual, SCP-XXXX will sound out of tune to the player.

Addendum SCP-XXXX.1: Audio log of debriefing after testing SCP-XXXX

Dr. ██████████: Did anything sound abnormal while you were playing SCP-XXXX?

D-32154: No, sir.

Dr. ██████████ :What song were you playing?

D-32154: Moonlight Sonata, Third Movement in C Sharp.

Dr. ██████████: Were you able to play that song before today?

D-32154: No, sir. I’ve been trying to learn how to play the third movement for two weeks.

Dr. ██████████: Can you describe why you were suddenly able to play this song?

D-32154: Yes, sir. I could remember all of the notes from memory.

Dr. ██████████: Would you mind listening to the recording of you playing?

D-32154: No, sir.

Dr. ██████████ plays the recording taken of D-32154

D-32154: Wow; I’m pressing the right keys, but it sounds digusting.

Dr. ██████████: Did the song sound correct while you were playing it?

D-32154: Yes, sir.

Dr. ██████████: Would you mind listening to this recording of Fur Elise?

D-32154: No, sir.

Dr. ██████████ plays a recording of Fur Elise

D-32154: It sounds terrible; the player has no idea what he’s doing.

Dr. ██████████: Are you aware this CD is from yours?

D-32154: What?

Dr. ██████████: This is a CD we found in your quarters.

D-32154: I.. I don’t…

Dr. ██████████: Would you mind listening to another track?

D-32154: No, sir.

Dr. ██████████ Plays the next track

D-32154: What-what did you sick fucks do to me!?

Dr. ██████████: D-32154, calm down or you will be detained.

D-32154: Why would you do this to me!? I’ll kill you! I’ll fucking kill you!

D-32154 is quickly detained by two Level 4 personnel.

D-32154's ability to process musical input has been drastically altered.


Addendum SCP-XXXX.2: Request by D-32154 to be given access to SCP-XXXX at his discretion

Request: Access to SCP-XXXX at my discression
Filling Personnell: ███████████ ██████████
Identification Number: D-32154

Reason for request:
I was reqruited by The Foundation on ██/██/20██ under Protocol 12. I was initially imprisioned for money laundering, consieracy to commit money laundering, and tax evasion. I was sentenced to serve three consecutive life sentences with no possiblity of paroll. I was promised by Foundation Reqruiters that I would be pardoned for my crimes after being on staff for one month.
I am currently assigned to a research group investigating SCP-XXXX. After participating in a test of SCP-XXXX's effects, I was irreversably altered and can no longer appreciate music in any form unless it is played by myself on SCP-XXXX.
I have been entirely compliant with Foundation rules and regulations. I am cooperative with my supperiors, and I act in a fashon that reflects positivly on The Foundation's reputation (if it even has one).
I am requestion the ability to use SCP-XXXX at my discretion. As a result of being compliant with Foundation Rules, I have been drastically altered. It is in my opinion that I deserve this privilage in light of music, my most charished (cont WIP)

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