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Item #: SCP-1218

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1218 is stored in a standard containment chamber on Site-██. No other procedures are necessary, but entry into the chamber may only be granted after assurance that said personnel wishing to enter do not, nor have ever, shown kleptomaniacal tendencies.

Description: SCP-1218 is an automobile of undeterminable make and model. Subjects asked about the object’s physical properties are perfectly able to remember said properties, but are unable to describe them as anything other than “cool”. Groups of subjects viewing SCP-1218 have all reported that they know all parts of the group are seeing something unique. Any person viewing it by the use of recording devices produces these same effects.

SCP-1218 has another property, one of moderate desire to steal it. This desire has been reported in all cases, but this effect may be subverted with appropriate willpower.

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