The Cane
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SCP-XXXX shown above

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX poses no risk when left alone until any personnel come in direct contact with the object. It is to be only released from its case when testing and is currently stored on site-38 in Dr. ███████ office. Removal is required to be approved by Dr. ███████ and there must be one security guard along when testing SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a black wooden cane approximately 1.5 meters in length. At the end of the crook there appears to be a snake head with red eyes. SCP-XXXX was found in a antique shop in █████ ███, Wisconsin. When the owner of the shop tried to contact officials about the matter he was taken into custody and brought to ███████████ █████████ hospital, to be tested for [REDACTED]; no results were ever found. The owner kept it hidden among other canes he had in the shop to try and keep people from buying it. When talking to SCP officials he that it caused insanity to whomever held it. After a great deal of [DATA EXPUNGED] the owner finally agreed to have it remove from his possession.

Tests show that when SCP-XXXX is handled it alters the mind of the holder and might transform itself according to the holder, this all happens in a matter of 4 stages.

  1. Stage 1 is where the eyes on the snake head glow for 2 seconds, right when the subject holds the cane. No mental or behavior changes are visible on the holder, no visible changes on SCP-XXXX.
  2. Stage 2 happens about ██ minutes after stage one. Slight mental and behavior changes, subject starts to toy around with the cane but still no changes.
  3. The third stage is where more noticeable changes occur, the subject has had major mental and behavior changes.
  4. Stage 4 is where the subject is potentially dangerous if the cane has changed. Due to this a security guard must keep watch on the subject if anything gets out of hand.

Experiment XXXX-A

Subject: D-67942
Procedure: Subject is sent in to a standard room with one one-way window pane for viewing and a table holding SCP-XXXX in its case. One security guard is positioned outside the door in case of containment breach.
Results: Subject goes through the 4 stages as normal. D-67942 appears to act as if he was a swordsman fencing. After about ██ minutes subject lunges at window with SCP-XXXX causing the window to break and a containment breach. Immediate confiscation of SCP-XXXX

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