The Corn Plantation
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Image of SCP-ZZZ, taken from outside the perimeter

Item #: SCP-ZZZZ

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its immobile nature, containment of SCP-ZZZZ must be made on site. An exclusion zone with ███ meter radius from the object is in effect and secured by electrified fence along the perimeter. An outpost and a decoy office block had been established inside the exclusion zone to house Foundation’s active personnel. Any civilian who attempt to pass through the exclusion zone should be turned away under the premise of a corrective facility for the criminally insane. A no-fly zone is to be also enforced within the exclusion area.

Any excursion into SCP-ZZZZ requires a written authorization from a Level-2 personnel and be approved by at least two personnel with Level-3 Security Clearance. Two steel cables and a safety harness are to be attached to any personnel entering SCP-ZZZZ which would be reeled in with an electric motor at the end of each excursion into the subject. All excursions into SCP-ZZZZ should not last more than 30 minutes.

Description: SCP-ZZZZ is a square plot of land with total area of approximately 4 km2 located about 150 kilometer west of ███████, America. Maize plants (//Zea mays) thrive within SCP-ZZZZ perimeter despite the high level salinity and acidity of the soil within the site and the area surrounding it. The corn harvested from the site showed no anomalous properties except for significantly higher sodium content.

When a human entered SCP-ZZZZ, they are unable to leave without outside help. Test subjects are observed making a 180 degree turn whenever they approach the site’s perimeter and unable to perceive anything outside SCP-ZZZZ. Subjects experience varying degree of disorientation and loss of navigational abilities once taken out of the area and claim that SCP-ZZZZ is infinitely larger than it appear to be. Lower organisms can exit SCP-ZZZZ without external assistance, but appear to lose their sense of direction.

Several subject described seeing two scarecrows, referred to as SCP-ZZZZ-1 and SCP-ZZZZ-2. SCP-ZZZZ-1, which has been sighted for over 10 times as of ██/██/2011, materializes approximately 50 meters behind the subject every time they looked back. SCP-ZZZZ-2 only been sighted twice as of ██/██/2011 and is described to mark the center of the area. While outside observation and satellite photography failed to locate both objects, its existence has been verified by feeds from several camera feeds.

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