The Decrepid Town
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX cannot be moved to a secure location. SCP-XXXX must be guarded at all times by a minimum of 10 guards. Any one entering SCP-XXXX must be detained, Interigated and given Class A amnisiacs. No SCP-XXXX-01 may leave SCP-XXXX under any circumstances and if nessisary lethal force is advissed. All Personel must rotate every 2 days to avoid the unique properties of SCP-XXXX

Description:** SCP-XXXX is a small town in ████ , Maine. All induviduals in SCP-XXXX have been rendered immortal. These induviduals known collectivly as SCP-XXXX-01 Age normally, and begin decomposition after reaching the age of 80. Despite decomposition these induviduals claim not to feel pain. Some induviduals have been redused to skulls still capable of speach through some unkown means. The same phenominon has been observed in urns containing the ash of the older members of the town. WHile the cause of this phenominon cannot be confirmed the older mombers of the town claim the immortality started in the late 1800s. They claim a composer was working on a melody now called Death's Lulaby that when played caused the town to be rendered immortal. The original composer █████ ██████ Claims to have burned the original piece and has comended it to memory but is unable to play it due to it's current state. The Composer is reluctant to reveal the structure of the song but has revealed that the piece must be played on a violin. SCP-XXXX has unique properties on induviduals who stay for more that 72 hours. They slowly begin to enter the degenerative process and decompose faster than normal. This is different from induviduals born in the town who cannot regenerate but do not decompose until 80 years old. However these iduviduals will become immortal and several agents have been placed in urns and broght back to site-█ for further study

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