The Faucet

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained in containment locker 02 at Site-15. The key to the locker is kept by the site administrator, and any access to SCP-XXXX requires level 2 security clearance. Since SCP-XXXX cannot function without being hooked up to a sink, it is considered neutralised and therefore not scheduled for further experimentation.

Descritpion: SCP-XXXX is a chrome-plated single-lever kitchen faucet. It measures 26cm in length and 18cm in height. When it is turned on, instead of water, SCP-XXXX dispenses bodily fluids and/or organic matter which it seems to extract from living entities in its immediate vicinity, eventually killing them if they stay too close to SCP-XXXX for a long enough time. On one occasion, SCP-XXXX has been observed to kill almost instantly. Refer to the experiment logs for further details.

SCP-XXXX was recovered by the Foundation on ██/██/████ from a newly built house in ███████████, ██, USA. █████ and ████ S█████, a married couple, had just moved into the house, where they found the kitchen faucet to dispense a red, blood-like substance instead of water. After watching and investigating the occurrence for a short while, Mrs. S█████ started to complain about feelings of dizziness and nausea, passing out soon after. Paramedics determined Mrs. S█████ to have suffered severe blood loss. A similar event happened during further inspection of SCP-XXXX, and the Foundation was notified. Class C amnesiacs were administered to everyone involved in these first contacts with SCP-XXXX.

After a number of experiments on D-class personnel, it was determined that only subjects within a 3m radius of SCP-XXXX can find themselves affected by it, and that SCP-XXXX needs to be connected to a sink in order to exhibit its anomalous properties.

Following are selected logs of experiments.

Experiment Log XXXX-B

Date: ██/██/██
Procedure: D-4315 instructed to activate, then stand still in front of SCP-XXXX.
Results: Subject expressed feeling dizzy after 2 minutes 13 seconds, dropping unconscious after 4 minutes 27 seconds. Blood kept running from SCP-XXXX until 12 minutes 50 seconds, when SCP-XXXX turned itself off. Subject was found dead after having been drained of all its blood.

Experiment Log XXXX-C

Date: ██/██/██
Procedure: D-class 4512 and 5677 placed in front of SCP-XXXX. D-5677 instructed to activate SCP-XXXX.
Results: D-5677 dropped unconscious after 3 minutes 58 seconds. D-4512 dropped after 15 minutes 4 seconds. SCP-XXXX turned itself off after 25 minutes 2 seconds. Both subjects found dead from complete blood loss.

Experiment Log XXXX-D

Date: ██/██/██
Procedure: D-class 4537 and 5010 placed in front of SCP-XXXX. D-4537 instructed to activate SCP-XXXX.
Results: SCP-XXXX started to disgorge bloody shreds of human skin. D-4537 shrieked and grabbed his right shoulder in pain; was instructed to turn off SCP-XXXX after one minute. Experiment halted. Upon inspection of D-4537, about 17cm² of skin was found to be missing from the subject’s shoulder and upper back. D-4537 was removed from the scene.

After D-5010 re-entered SCP-XXXX’s immediate vicinity, SCP-XXXX reactivated itself and began to rapidly spit out small pieces of organic matter and tissue. D-5010 collapsed to the floor immediately. SCP-XXXX turned itself off after four minutes. Inspection revealed D-5010 to have died after suffering heavy damage to internal organs, missing large pieces of his brain and heart.

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